Trip Report | SAS | Two flights | New and Old Cabin Design!

Hello community 👋
Ive been away the last week, and I’ve got to fly! I’ve flown TOS-OSL-CPH-RNN and back, on the flight down, I got the old cabin from TOS - OSL, and the new one for OSL - CPH!

I also got access to the lounge in Tromsø and Oslo!

Come with me now to explore my experience!

Arriving in Tromsø

Welcome to Tromsø Airport Lagnes, it is not a huge, but not a small airport either. It has a very modern feel to it, has a high roof and takes in lots of natural light!

Here you have the check in area, if you’re flying SAS, you can go check in with a real person, but you can go to the automatic machines too!
With Norwegian you’d most likely not be able to speak to a real person


To get to security, you only need to take an escalator to the second floor. The security area is currently undergoing expansions, but it was still very efficient!

TOS Lounge

The lounge isn’t very big, and there were not any super comfortable seats, but still better than being in the main terminal
I liked the modern and Scandinavian design of it, it made me feel like home!

The food selection isn’t something to brag about, we have Norwegian bolle, some soup, coffee and apple and orange juice

I ended up with a cup of Chocolate and some orange juice. It was pretty good (and a baguette from Upper Crust ;)

The terminal

The terminal isn’t huge, but we do have an Upper Crust, Travel Value, A book store and O’Learys sports bar

Old Cabin

It’s time to board, and I walked onboard the aircraft, this flight was on a 737-700 Without winglets, with the old cabin

The blue design is nice, but I prefer the newer design that we will see in a moment

I still sat comfortable, even if the new are better

Here you have the pitch, not bad for being a european economy class

In flight Service

Onboard we have a choice of Coffee, tea and water (which is free) in SAS Go, I went for the easy choice of water

Got to love their cups

First Flight Conclusion

It was a nice flight, the seat were ok and I got a cup of water, no delay, we actually arrived early. Nice flight attendant, even contacted me with headset on

OSL Lounge

The Oslo lounge is newly renovated, it was very nice! I even got to use one of the guest office, with mood lighting

There were lots of seating area, but today was a busy day, so most of it were full

I didn’t get to take much pictures in the lounge, but it was surely good!

Oslo new International terminal

We left from the new terminal, it is big and spacious with lots of natural lights, like the wooden floor, makes it feel stylish and Scandinavian

New Cabin

Boarding time, this flight arrived a little late, so there were 10 minutes of delay when we left

Welcome onboard, love the gray color SAS is integrating onboard their new and renovated aircraft

There are even usb power ports, and they charged quite fast!

In flight Service

Onboard this flight we had the choice between Coffee, tea and water. Also on this flight, they were coming with things we could buy. So I bought a smoothie.

Second Flight Conclusion

It was a nice flight, I sat better in my seat and I got my phone charged on the way, must say the flight attendants was a little less happy

Whole trip Conclusion

SAS is good, as long as you don’t pay too much, all their seats are made out of fabric, do they do breathe, making it more comfortable than Norwegian. The In flight service is ok, but they could have done more about it. But i still recommend to fly with them, as long as they have competitive prizing over other airlines.

I’ve had a pleasant flight and I can surely recommend!

Some pictures I’ll show you

Flight Down
image image image

Flight Home
*I did not do any reports from the flight back, as it would just be the same as on the way down

I will soon make a YouTube Video, that i will share here. I don’t know when that will be posted yet, but stay tuned!


To any of you that wonder, the headphones I use it the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC. Those are cheap, active noice canceling headphones. They’re good, but not as comfortable as I want them. They are not the top model from Sennheiser, but I like them, as they cancel most of the sound when flying :)

Thanks for reading!


Nice! Looked amazing. What a detailed trip report.

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Really nice! great trip report.


Rember 10 pictures… 😉

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Great trip report. I love SAS and the comparison between the new and old cabin. The newer one is better. I’d wish to visit any of the Scandinavian regions again one day.

Have in mind that Discourse limits only 10 pictures per topic. I’d recommend creating another topic showing its older cabin design, or drop down the pictures in the comments below. Thanks!


Great stuff nice report


Thanks for the good feedback guys!

I believe that only applies for #screenshots-and-videos

I’ll go check, but I’ve always been under the impression that that was a general rule for any topic…

If it ain’t got wood in it - it is not scandinavian

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