Trip Report - Sacramento to Chicago/United 737-800ER

Greetings everyone from Sacramento International Airport (as of 6/9/22). Today, I will showcase Leg one of my trip from Sacramento to State College with a short layover in Chicago.

Plane: N12221/737-824ER
Age: 23.6 years old
Serial Number: 28930, 153rd Boeing 737-800NG
Other Notes: Ex Continental 737-800, meaning that the aircraft is equipped with DirectTV
Flight Number: UA2238, Sacramento to Chicago
Total Flight Time: 3:38
Date: 6/9/22

But ofcourse, we have to do some plane spotting first

Here is N143DU, a 0.4 year old A220-100 headed out to Los Angeles as DL1616

Here is a United Express (opperated by SkyWest) E175LR (regrestration Unknown), headed to San Fransisco as UA5481

Welcome Aboard! As you can already tell, this aircraft is still equipped with the good ol’ DirectTV screens which seemed to be bigger than my hand. Hopefully these things can be relapsed with United’s new IFE’s

The aircraft also came equipped with a remote-controlled armrest which my brother did not share for most of the 3.5 hour flight

Because I sat in Economy Plus, the seat came equipped with 33 inches of pitch, and a little bit of recline. The aircraft also came equipped with a power outlet to charge your device

And just like that, we were on our way! Those split scimitars look so damn sexy on the 737-800s!

Shortly after takeoff, the Flight Attendents came around the cabin for a quick drink service and some snacks. I opted to go with Sprite

Lake Tahoe, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

Rock Springs, WY

Quick Loo Review. Man, I love the mood lighting!

Initial Decent into Chicago O’hare

Down town Chicago

Short Final!!!

New next to old

And ofcourse, I had to get a Chicago Dog before my next flight over to SCE

Anyways, that wraps up this Trip-Report!

Overall rating: 8/10 stars. Minimal food Service, and Small IFEs which seemed like it had come from the stone-age. Other than that, no complaints! Thanks alot United from getting me to State College!


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