Trip report [RJGG-KDTW]

Here is my very incomplete trip report from RJGG名古屋(Nagoya Japan) TO KDTW(Detroit USA) I connected to RDU but I was too tired to do anything.
Reason why this has very little is that I slept for the most part.
Oh btw this is my first trip report posted on the IFC.
I’m not gonna ask u guys to rate this as it’s incomplete due to my sleep

Well,here it is

Chillin at the gate at RJGG

I boarded on a Delta A332 REG(N858NW) aqurrierd from NWA merger and fun fact,I’ve been on this bird before AND I have a plane model of it!
I checked where this A332 has been and I was impressed as it’s flown on like every A332 route delta has.
Anyways I’m chillin in seat 23A,while watching avgeeks and people on the amazing spotting area.-Another reason why I ❤️ RJGG.

Some other heavies

I saw a nice Cathay B77W livery and a Japan Air 772.
I think the JAL is from PHNL and the Cathay was delayed for RCTP.

Climbing towards Cruise

Just departed RJGG and climbing over Shizuoka 静岡.
Bummer because Mt Fuji was visible from the right side of the plane according to the captain and we were on the left 😠.
Anyways that was my last glimpse of Japan,my fav country and where half of me comes from.

Beautiful Sunset over the Pacific

I wake up to eat and see a beautiful sunset.
This is the last time I’d be awake till the appr into DTW.Im good at sleeping…

Predicting where we will land.

As I wake up we just crossed Lake Superior.Im bored so I draw lines to where I think we will land.27L,27R,3R,4L

Edit:that actually might be Lake Michigan lol

Land and on the ground

We land on Runway 3R(one of my predictions),and we taxi to E McNamara terminal.And an A333 behind us lands.Total flight time was 12hr30minish.
Oh btw the landing was really bad for an A332.Very hard touch,around -400 maybe.6/10 landing.


And this is our connection to KRDU,B739ER.Dont u just hate the infamous dots of DTW?Our original plane was B712(I hate that plane for many personal reasons)but we got the B739 ,a plane I really like.

Sunsets as we pushback

We pushback in the B739 and I got to see a nice sunset once again as we prepare to taxi.

Well that’s all folks.I was too tired to do anything on the last leg so I left it like this.

Trip report will be on u tube soon I hope


Great trip report man! Thanks for the info!

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Thats a regular 777-300. Not a 777-300ER. And I rate your report 8/10


Ah,I didn’t observe it so much.

Thanks for rating even tho u didn’t need to

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Nice Report! I enjoyed! I really haven’t been on such a long flight before. Overall 8.5/10 report @Pilot_urp

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