Trip Report! Redeye Jetblue KFLL-KORD

Hello IFC. Another trip report for y’all after my Allegiant one! This time my girlfriend and I flew the redeye flight from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago O Hare! This was our first time flying JetBlue and I think they have a great service! Our flight was operated by N648JB in the JetBlue vacations livery. Our flight was about 15 minutes late getting in which was no problem since we would be spending the night at O Hare. The flight was good and it was what I expected from them. Overall I’d say the flight was 7.5/10. We had light to moderate chop the whole time which made it at times hard to sleep! Here are my final scores:
Tray Tables:7.5/10


Looks cool! do you think it was worth it?

Yes I think it was. I mean for the price and for the flight and the service I think it was well worth it. It was very good

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I think have been on this exact same flight

KFLL is my home airport, love to see trips reports from my home airport!

Nice! I was there for about 9 or so hours just walking around and stuff.

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Welcome to Chicago! I was not aware of a B6 red eye from FLL, but good to know :)

It was a good flight! First time going to KORD

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Red eye flights are the best if you ask me. It’s not so damn bright out, the airports are less busy, (potentially) less screaming babies on the flight, you get to see the lights of the cities you pass over, and you arrive at your destination as the sun comes up (speaking on my recent experience of KDEN to KPVD on a Frontier red eye.)


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