Trip report: Redemption of the NEO?

Flight Review: AA441 (Phoenix-Dallas)

Hello IFC:

Weclome to part 2 of 3 as I take a trip from Reno, Nevada back hom to Little Rock. This is the second flight in my journey home and on this leg I am flying from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. If you haven’t checked out part 1 of this trip, please do so here: Flight Review: Bus-ing to Phoenix on AA

On this flight, we are continuing our journery home. I get back to the airport around 1030am and head staright up straight upstairs to security as I already have my verifcation pass to let me through security. Once again, since I have TSA PRE it was a mere 3 minutes to get through. After I got through security, I went to my gate, A7 and saw my aircraft parked at the gate. Today’s aircrafft was N416AN, a 6 month old Airbus A321NX. Since our gate area was busy, i decided to go across the way and sit at A6. What’s so special about A6 on this trip? Anywho, I waited around for about 45 minutes then decided to go up to the counter and get my boarding pass. I got my boarding pass and on todays flight to Dallas, I would be sitting in seat 11A, a window seat in Main Cabin Extra. At 1130am, we started the boarding process. Since this flight was mostly empty, boaring was quick and just as quick as it started it ended and the door was closed. Once boarding was complete, I realized that I had a whole row, yes, even the other side of the same row was empty to myself. I had plenty of room to stretch out and get some work done and like always, enjoy the views of the vast waste lands of the west. At 1149 local time, we pushed from the gate and taxied over to runway 25R and right on time at 12pm we thundered into the hot Phoenix sky and we were on our way to Phoenix. Once in the air, we climbed to an altitude of 35,000 feet or FL350 for a few minutes due to some corssing traffic but after that, we eventually climbed all the way up to our cruising of 39,000 feet or FL390. The flight was uneventful as I listened to music, looked out the window and of course worked on the pervious flight review. About 25 minutes from landing, we started out decent into the greater DFW area. As we were descending the captain of the flight pointed out some cool landmarks which I thought was a cool touch. After all, it is the small things that matter. At 3:48pm local time, we landed on runway 13R. Not only did we land on runway 13R, but it was a greaser. It was probably one of the best landings ive ever experience flying. After that, we had about a ten minute taxi to our gate which was D34. Once we pulled into our gate, we deplaned and I went over to gate A34 to meet up with my dad since he was coming in from Reno and that was his arriving gate. Overall, this was a much better expierence on the American Airlines Airbus A321N.

Stay tuned for a crazy part 3 of this trip.


Another great trip report! What did those engines sound like when spooling up?

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Honestly they were high pitched but once we got to cruise, they were super quiet

Oh cool! Still have yet to travel on another aircraft 😂

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Haha. Life is to short to fly one aircraft type

my time will come

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