Trip Report | QF 743 | 25th November

Trip Report

Qantas 737-800 | QF743 | Sydney-Adelaide

25th November 2019

Hi Everyone! On the 25th of November, I took a flight on QF 743, from Adelaide to Sydney. I took this flight because I had flown into Sydney, from Adelaide, earlier that day, on QF 736, which was operated by a 747-400. Let’s get into it!

The aircraft that was operating QF 743 that way was VH-VYF, a 737-800, which at the time of writing is around 14 years old. It is the 30th 737 delivered to Qantas, and it is fitted with WiFi.


My seat for this flight was 3A, which is a business class seat. We originally booked economy seats for this flight, however around a month or two prior to the flight, we received an upgrade by using Qantas points.

Our scheduled departure time for this flight was 6:40 PM. However, electrical storms had developed around 2 and a half hours beforehand, causing a 1 hour delay. VH-VYF hadn’t even arrived at this point.

That hour passes, and now it’s 7:40 PM. The storms have calmed down, so we head down to the gate, where VH-VYF is waiting for us. The gate staff are telling us that we should be onboard in around 15 to 20 minutes, with a departure shortly afterwards.

5 minutes later, Sydney Airport is shut down entirely, as the storms had worsened yet again. This went on for another hour, until 8:40 PM. At this point we would have been landing in Adelaide.

Boarding was called at this time, and we got on the aircraft. Seat 3A is in the last row of business class seats on the aircraft. There were 12 in total. The seat was comfortable, and the legroom was excellent, with plenty of room to stretch my legs.

We were delayed by another 20 minutes after boarding because one passenger got too caught up in the business class lounge and forgot that 180 other people wanted to get to Adelaide before midnight. Boy, did he get some dirty looks when he boarded.

The second he sat down, the door was shut, and we pushed back. We didn’t have much more time to get out of Sydney, as another huge storm cell was approaching from the west. We taxied out to runway 34L incredibly quickly, and departed. We took an odd route out of Sydney. flying very far north, before turning over Bathurst and heading towards Adelaide.

Watch the takeoff here:

The climb out of Sydney was a bit turbulent, with a few bumps here and there, however once we turned towards Adelaide it was much smoother.

For Dinner, we were given 2 options.

Option 1 was a spinach & Ricotta Lasagne, and option 2 was a Waldorf Salad. I went with the Salad, and it tasted delicious. It was also served with a citrus cake and a piece of bread.

After this point, the flight was uneventful. I took advantage of the free WiFi and watched some Gogglebox episodes on Foxtel, and enjoyed the view of the flying kangaroo on the wingtip.

We started our descent around 20 minutes prior to landing in Adelaide, and touched down at 10:35 PM, around 2 hours behind schedule.

For those that watch Dennis Bunnik on Youtube, he was onboard this flight, in seat 2F. I didn’t get a chance to say hello unfortunately, however I messaged him on Instagram when I got to the hotel, and we had a chat.

Overall, despite the delay, this flight was absolutely fantastic, and I look foward to the next time I fly with Qantas.


Quick question. How did Qantas handle the delay?


They handled it quite well, giving us constant updates both via announcements and the flight information screens. We weren’t left in the dark knowing nothing, that’s for sure

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Nice to hear


Great trip report…
but salad??!
All kidding aside, this seems like a amazing flight. Too bad you didn’t have the chance to say hello to Dennis.

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Nice comprehensive reporting.
That takeoff was neat, with a view of A380s right below you!
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks! The view when departing Sydney airport is always stunning. I’ve seen it 3 times so far.

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