Trip report- Qatar’s Qsuites from Doha to Houston

This is a trip report about one of the best flights of my life. I didn’t take the greatest pictures and I didn’t take too many, but I hope you enjoy. Without further ado, here it is!


Okay, so this flight was returning from India (Hyderabad) to see my great grandma. We had fun with her, and she was thrilled to see us. I got to spend time with her and make great memories one more time. I focused on that and tried to stay positive. With that in mind, we had a nice trip back. I haven’t flown Qatar since 2015, when I flew them to South Africa. Anyhoo, Our first flight was okay, a 777-200LR from HYD-DOH in economy. DOH was nice as usual, I hadn’t been there since 2015 when it was brand new, and it’s still maybe my favorite international airport. We had economy booked but this next flight was over 16 hours, so we made it to the upgrade desk and took 2 out of 3 of the remaining business class seats. They were next to each other, but they were middle seats (😖). Our aircraft today is A7-ANG, a 10 month old a350-1000. My seat is 11F.

Boarding and departure

Anyways, we boarded on time and it was awesome. Very spacious and the crew was awesome. I had some apple juice and received a hot towel. The service was very fast and the flight attendants are all very friendly.

We took off a few minutes late. I saw tons of other heavies but couldn’t get great pictures. We experienced an extremely powerful and quick takeoff out of Doha. I watched the takeoff on our tail cam.

Shortly after takeoff, we received pajamas and the menu. The cool thing was that you can order anything on the menu at any time you want, and in any order. The pajamas were nice and I changed into them.

For my first meal, I opted for a breakfast option of an omelette and some bread. It was pretty good, however there was some sauce that made it taste a little weird, but good overall.
First meal rating: 7/10

Then after that I went for a lighter option and got some sliders. These were pretty good and it was the first American food I had eaten in a couple of days.
Second meal: 7/10


As we peacefully cruised, a baby a few seats away screamed violently for about 6 hours. And on and off for a few hours. Rip. However with the headsets they actually blocked out the sound pretty well, so I was mostly fine. I liked watching the tail cam as we cruised. Later in the flight I could see our contrails forming from the tail cam. Here is a picture (I can’t see contrails in this pic):

After a modern family episode marathon, I decided to get some sleep. I used the restrooms and brushed my teeth, and then the flight attendant set up my “bed”. It was very nice and comfy. Also she put the divider down between me and my dad so it made a big bed kinda. This would be great for a couple or a mom and baby. Me and my dad stayed separate though, and he slept a little more than I did and at different times. Here is a picture of the mattress and pillow.

I slept in total for around 8 hours, which is the most I’ve ever slept on a plane. It was awesome. After I woke up, I was hungry, so I ordered some food. I got a masala dosa with some other rice thing that I forgot the name of. It was very good, and the dosa was small. I don’t know how many of you know what a dosa is, but I never thought I would eat a dosa in a plane, so that was a very cool experience.
Second meal: 9/10

Also, the legroom was very nice, and so was the blanket. I was able to very comfortably stretch out. Only thing that was weird is that the tray table is placed folded right above where your knees go when you are extended, so I hit it a few times. It could have been better placed. It wasn’t a big problem though.

In addition, closing the suite door was super cool, and it was nice to just tune out into your own little world, and I didn’t even have a window seat.

So after a few more hours of Big Bang Theory and a 3 ish hour nap, I ordered something else. I wanted steak, but they were all out ;( so I went for Chicken Normânde (or something like that). It had chicken and roasted vegetables, and was pretty good. It came with some good garlic bread, too.
Fourth meal: 8/10

So then for our remaining 4-5 ish hours I watched more BBT and had a cappuccino (unusual for me) and cookies to perk me up to help with jet lag. I was going to have a super good sounding Dulche de leche lava cake, but they were all out apparently as other people had the same idea. That was a bummer for me, but the cookies were Belgian chocolate and they were very good. At the end of our flight, I switched to the camera views along with my dad and we watched our heavy crosswind, cloudy, damp landing into IAH. We had a very late touchdown, and it was slightly rough, but not severe.

We then taxiied (?) to our gate and saw many heavies. Due to the 10 pictures limit, I can’t post them, but you can PM me if you’d like to see them. We saw ANZ, LH, KLM, Singapore, a bunch of new livery United aircraft, a new livery United 767, Air China, Air France, and even the “Her Art Here” UA 757 (California edition).

Me and my dad started stopwatches on our phone the moment we got on and stopped them when we got off. We spent 17 hours and 32 minutes on the aircraft, and our flight time clocked in at 16 hours 22 minutes, taking the cake for the longest flight of my life, beating DXB-DFW by almost 30 minutes.

I got to visit the cockpit at the end after I asked, but it was brief, and I couldn’t take pictures. The crew were so awesome. They were all so nice throughout the whole flight, and at the end when I asked for a cockpit visit, the lady replied with “Of course! We would be happy to have you visit. I will go tell the captain!” The flight attendants were probably the best part of this flight.

Baggage claim at IAH took forever, but we eventually got all of our bags and were on our way. We also stopped to see Emirates land, and saw a UA 789 arrive from SYD.

This flight was truly amazing. Here are my ratings:

Food: 8.5/10 Pretty good
Service: 10/10 AMAZING
Seat: 9.8/10 Very nice

Overall, this was an awesome flight.
Read about the inbound flight, IAH-DXB, here:

Cya next time! Thanks for reading


That sounds like an amazing flight! I’m so glad you were able to upgrade :D

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Thanks! I am too. It was a great flight and I highly recommend to anyone considering it.

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Ohhhhhhhh I’m jealous

ps putting “QSuite” in your title will make like 10x more people click


Sounds like it was a nice flight for you! And nice trip report!

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Hmm maybe I shall

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It was, and thanks! I don’t do many so I’m glad it’s being enjoyed!

Also @AndrewWu done


Awesome trip report! 👍🏽😃

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Thanks! Thanks for tracking me lol ;)

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PM me for tons more pics lol
Also I may or may not have kersnatched the blanket 🤫

I need to do this at least once during my life.


Agreed. I highly recommend. Bucket list worthy 👀

The only reason I clicked was because I saw QSuite in the title so your trick has worked 😅

On a side note, @Suhas this is a great trip report :)


@Suhas you’re welcome


Glad you enjoyed your flight with the worlds best business class! 😉

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It is refreshing that more and more airlines are following suit and putting enclosed suites in business class - I must say the extra privacy makes the world of difference. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Am am sorry to correct you be I believe you meant to say “chem trails”. Aside from that, great trip report! 😂

Great !Tripreport! :)

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Thank you all for the nice comments!

lol thanks @AndrewWu

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I would love to try Qatar Airlines. My family has always been travelling with East Asian Carriers.

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