Trip report: Phoenix to Tampa southwest 738


Welcome to my first trip report on the IFC! This was a late flight, from 10pm-3am (with time change) let’s get in to the pics!

At the gate in Phoenix. Sitting in the second to last row seat and got window. Kind of a mess because we took off 2 hours late because the crew that flew our plane previously, so we had to wait for a plane coming from KORD!! meh, could’ve been worse

After a long 50 minute wait, we finally push back.

We rotatate our way out of Phoenix!

My long and lonely cruise at FL350. I don’t have a pic for it but there’s nothing like southwest apple juice at 11:00pm

A few hours later after some turbulence, we makes it on the ground!! Kind of a rough landing tho in my opinion.

Parked at our gate in Tampa.

Overall, southwest is a really good airline. One of my fav. The delays weren’t their fault, and it was a nice flight with nice flight attendant and a funny captain. Overall, a 8/10
I plan to do KTPA-KDAL-KPHX next week.

Takeoff and landing

Departure at Phoenix sky harbor and landing at Tampa international| Southwest 737-800 - YouTube



Really cool topic! But a flight from 10pm-3am sounds painful…

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Yeah, Ngl it kind of was

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