Trip report PDX-OGG

Hello everyone, so me and the boys @EastTexasAviationYT, @United403, and @Pilot_InfiniteFlight earlier we both went on vacation to Hawaii!
We had to wake up at 6:00 am to drive to PDX

Me and the boys are on vacation, chill

Aircraft: 737-900
Server: Expert
Route: PDX-OGG

Our plane, Alaska 737-900ER

At my seat 4D with @EastTexasAviationYT sitting beside me

Pushed back at this point, @United403 was sleeping although we had Starbucks before we boarded…

Taking off from PDX

Pacific Ocean, at this point @Pilot_InfiniteFlight is scrolling through TikTok, @United403 watching a movie I’m just sleeping, @EastTexasAviationYT took this shot for me while he had his eyes locked to the window

Aloha Kahului!

Landing after 5 hours.

At the gate.

@Flyin.Hawaiian spotted my aircraft, and then picked us up at the airport.

While we were waiting for him, @United403 stupidly left his wallet on the plane and we had to call Alaska Airlines to help him get it back 🤣, we then decided to Planespot after @Flyin.Hawaiian picked us up as we waited for @Butter575 to arrive, and when he arrived, we headed to our Westin Resort, our spotting pictures coming soon

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im headed out to chicago in a bit, care to join?

me who’s already having seafood at westin

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Nice, saw you guys around at OGG when I was blasting off out of HNL earlier!

The 6AM wake up and drive definitely is familiar to when I flew on this IRL…. Except they used/use -800s instead

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I had 8 shots of espresso and still slept 😳

A documentary on Concorde but @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek couldnt remember bc he was to focused on making dinner reservations

And spending off $8,000 on penthouse suites at Westin on my Amex card 🥴

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That was my parents credit card actually

I see you didn’t include me…. Probably for the better

Ohh…, crap…

It was also the 4 seasons

That was yours for Lanai, but I ain’t spending $1,000 per night again.:

Wait…, the credit card has my name lol

I love it! Feel free to add me in a future trip review!

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Where do you live in Portland I live in Vancouver

We were visiting Portland for a bit

nice city, except the downtown is overrun by homeless people it’s sad.

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