Trip Report Part 3 of 4: Flying Delta for Spring Break Across the Pond '24 - is it really that good?

Hey IFC members,

First off, I’d just like to say thank you so much for viewing my topic today. It means a lot to me. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this topic!

Now, on to the aviation (and non-aviation) stuff!

Non-aviation related stuff

Firstly, I’d like to say that I had an amazing time in London, and it was super fun. I’m not going to go into incredible detail about it, as it doesn’t really pertain to aviation, but I will tell you that I got the chance to take a tour of my favorite EPL team’s stadium - Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal Gunners! It was a really fun experience for me.

Before you look at the aviation-related stuff, again, you should check out the other two topics again, because if you’re observant enough, you will see a crazy coincidence between this flight and one of the others…if you spot it, you get free Robux or V-bucks!

Aviation-related stuff

Flight 3 of 4:

Airline: Delta - DAL
Flight #: DL0059
Aircraft registration: N856NW
Departure Airport: LHR (London-Heathrow International Airport)
Departure Gate: 32
Cruise alt/SPD: FL400 (SC)/436 KTS
Arrival Airport: BOS (Boston-Logan International Airport)
Landing runway: 33L
Arrival Gate: E16
Departure time: 0925Z
Arrival time: 1705Z
Date: 22nd March
Landing rating: 7.8

We got up rather early to catch an Uber to catch a train to catch our flight, which was unfortunate, because it meant that I had essentially a 28-hour day ahead of me. We ended up getting a reservation at the Heathrow Lounge (I don’t remember it’s actual name, but it might’ve been near gate 32???), and that one was pretty nice, too. I’d say it was better than the one at ATL, but not quite as good as the one at MCO. Anyways, how about some pictures? (Disclaimer: the weather was less than ideal, so the quality of these pics aren’t the best)

In this first picture, you can see the Air France A220 is commencing its takeoff roll, and there is a KLM 738 waiting to taxi on to the runway. Pretty self-explanatory, nothing special.

Again, the weather still looks terrible. I actually kind of like this picture though, because you can still see a great chunk of the airport, despite the low-laying clouds and fog.

Well, again, pretty self-explanatory. You got 3 different 747s, each for a different airline, in the picture. Thought it was pretty cool.

Of all four meals I was served on board my two transatlantic flights, this one was definitely the best. It was an apple crepe, sausage, fresh cut fruit, and my personal favorite part of this meal, a blueberry muffin. That muffin was incredibly good.

My last meal onboard a Delta plane for this trip was mediocre - like almost all airplane food. It was edible, but nothing to rave about (only thing rave-worthy was that blueberry muffin from breakfast). The mousse was alright, too.

Unfortunately, that was the last picture, but I’m not going to leave you guys without some good-to-knows for when you are in a similar situation.

Good things to know/Pros:

  • Food was good
  • Flight crew was really nice
  • Scheduling a passport window for your departure airport saves a lot of time - we basically just handed over our passports, and 20 seconds later, we were through to security. Super easy and convenient
  • Similarly to the one above, if you have some official US government app that you can input your passport info and stuff into, the line to get into the country goes by much faster

Not-so good things to know/Cons:

  • For some reason, when flying transatlantic into Boston with a connecting flight to somewhere else (or maybe just connecting through the airport in general), if you checked your bags at your departure airport, they will NOT be automatically put onto your next flight. You have to claim your bags, recheck them, and then go through security again (and show your passport before you claim the bags if you flew internationally).
  • From our arrival gate at Boston, the walk to the nearest bathroom, AKA the only bathroom that you can access before getting into the country, took like at least 5 minutes. Not even because there were a ton of people, just because the terminal was so huge.

Having all of that being said, thank you again for giving this topic a chance. I will try to post the fourth and final part to this series as soon as possible. I would request that you give that little heart button a tap if you enjoyed this post. I hope that you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Have a great rest of your day!


Fav pic?
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  • Pic 5
  • All the pics are cool
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Out of curiosity, why did you choose to open this topic?
  • Because I know that Waxy is the GOAT
  • Going on a trip like this soon, wanted to get some background info
  • I didn’t, I misclicked, but then I enjoyed reading it anyway
  • Just curious
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Nice trip report. Glad you enjoyed London. Delta doesn’t look too bad for transatlantic


Ok maybe a hot take but I still think about that chicken pastry thing from my CDG-MSP flight in January. I was probably just like delusional from a 10hr flight in a middle seat but like it was good.

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@Tucker_Ryan I guess I’m glad you enjoyed that chicken pastry? Maybe you were just starving or something - all food tastes better when you’re hungry.

I flew Virgin Atlantic last time I flew transatlantic and they kept coming round with tea. I must have made a personal record of like 4 or 5 cups of tea that flight 😂

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Not when you have food allergies like me. No matter how hungry you are especially on a flight i must always be careful and check. The one thing I don’t like about flying is the worry about food

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Thanks for sharing your trip report! It’s great to see content like this on the IFC :)

I just wanted to mention for general information, this is the standard at all airports for international to US domestic connections for customs reasons (only on the way entering the US, exiting the US doesn’t have this)

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Yeah same thing happened to me when I was connecting in Atlanta. I flew with Virgin Atlantic and then Delta so I thought because they were partners my bags would be transferred through to the next plane but it turns out I had to pick it up and re check it in. I thought it’ll be like DXB when you connect with Emirates and they transfer your bags straight through. I think they don’t do that in the US so they don’t do a BA and loose your bags in the airport when transferring

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Huh, I wonder why they’d do that. I’m going to look into that, because it doesn’t really make any sense, in my opinion.

Maybe it’s because as I said above that they don’t loose your bags. It’s in your hands for it to be transferred so they don’t have any responsibility if the airline looses your bags

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It has to do with clearing customs at your point of entry, and by rechecking your bag you are technically holding yourself responsible for everything inside and if you need to declare / not declare anything.

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