Trip Report Part 2 of 4: Flying Delta for Spring Break Across the Pond '24 - is it really that good?

What’s up IFC? Today I’m back with the second part of this 4-part post about my flights for spring break. In case you didn’t already see the first part yet, you can see it here. Otherwise, welcome back!

Before I boarded the flight, I went and tried out the lounge in terminal F - the ATL lounge, that is - not the Delta Lounge, or the Capital One lounge. It was also pretty nice, but compared to the one in Orlando, it was not nearly as good. There were less food options (even though what I got was still pretty delicious - sausage and peppers in a bun, and some chocolate chip cookies), and there was a bit of a wait to get a reservation for it (next time, just FYI, make a reservation for a lounge at the world’s busiest airport - I think I had to wait like an hour). However, I do believe that the bar at ATL was larger than the one at MCO, but what do I know? I’m not of age to drink yet. Anyways…

For my second flight of the day, I flew a 767-400 from KATL-EGLL. Overall, I have to say, my experience wasn’t the best, especially considering I flew transatlantic in Comfort+. What I will say is, it was much cheaper to fly Delta with connecting flights than flying direct on British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, or Aer Lingus, and that I have to be grateful that I was even fortunate enough to take this trip. Having said that, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of my flight:


  • crew on board was kind and hospitable
  • complimentary pillow, blankets, and two meals with Comfort+ seats
  • large variety of onboard entertainment to choose from


  • my seat wouldn’t stay reclined
  • the wifi just so happened to not be in service on that particular aircraft
  • for Comfort+ seats, I would’ve at least hoped to get slightly more, I don’t know, comfortable seats, not just a few more inches of leg room

Now, onto the next part of this topic: photos (unfortunately, I only have 2 this time) and flight information (maybe a little too much)!

Not a Rickroll or April Fool's joke

Airline: Delta - DAL
Flight #: DL0030
Aircraft Registration: N845MH
Departure Airport: ATL (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)
Departure Gate: F10
Cruise alt/SPD: FL380/390 KTS
Arrival Airport: LHR (London-Heathrow International Airport)
Landing runway: 09R
Arrival Gate: 322
Departure time: 2354Z
Arrival time: 0811Z
Date: 14th March
Landing rating: 5.8

In the first of the two pictures of this particular post, we have a nice-looking 777 with the Qatar livery. I’ve never seen so many widebody aircraft together (I usually only see medium-haul airliners at MCO - mostly the A320 family and the 737 family), so that’s why I have pictures of them. Otherwise, this picture has virtually no significance.

The meals on board this flight were alright. Definitely not some 5-star dining, like I’ve heard you receive on Emirates, but it was edible enough for my standards. If you are the first person to successfully identify what this entree is, you will win a FREE picture of an XBOX Series X (not even April Fools)! You only get one guess though, so guess wisely…

Anyways, that’s all I have for today. Schedule permitting, you should see part 3 (it’s gonna have a lot more stuff than this part did), maybe even part 4 by around the same time tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and found it useful in some way! If you have any questions regarding my flight(s) and experience(s), feel free to DM me! Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and have a great rest of your day!


Which picture was your favorite?
  • Picture 1: Qatar 773-ER at the gate
  • Picture 2: Unidentifiable food I ate
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Is it a pumpkin and asparagus risotto?

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@BP-Aviation unfortunately, it is not that, sorry!
Anybody else have any other guesses?

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Looks like Broccoli Rob and carrots

@Avaitor1 Unfortunately it’s not that, either
It’s pretty unidentifiable lol

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