Trip Report on EVA Air BR055 (ORD-TPE) & BR271 (TPE-MNL) 2019

BR055 ORD-TPE 14.06.19

Disclaimer: Following my last topic, which regards flying EVA Air as it was my first time, which can be viewed here: Have you flown EVA Air from North America to Taipei before?

I was unable to record the vlog I intended to make for my YouTube Channel, as it was unfortunate the microphone for my camera hadn’t arrived yet more on that later :)
Aircraft: 777-300ER (A)
Route: Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Date & Time (intended): 14.06 00:35 - 04:55
Actual Time: 14.06 01:40 - 5:20 (Delay due to runway closure)
Aircraft Registration: B-16726

First Impression

Regarding the UM Service, I was told to come to the airport at a specific time after most passengers checked in. I was not bothered by this, as the staff at ORD Terminal 5 work with multiple airlines to allow time.

Upon boarding the aircraft, (I boarded first), the cabin was very clean, and the color pallets weren’t too flashy, and the green added a nice touch. Awaiting at all the seats in economy were packaged earbuds, a pillow, and plush blanket.

I was seated next to two Taiwanese brothers who spoke Mandarin, and yet I was able to surpass them for the lavatory if needed with basic gestures.

Inflight Service, Amenities, and Meals

I was very satisfied with the amenities provided, and the plush blanket was very beneficial as it was comfortable, and made of recycled materials which I love to see airlines associated with. In all lavatories, products such as soap, facial mist, eye shades, and earplugs were complimentary for all passengers.

As for the meals on BR055, they were filling and had good taste. The selection is basic, but it does work. Out of the Asian choice with braised fish and rice adjacent to the Western chicken pasta option, I opted for the Asian. (Unfortunately, the picture of the meal isn’t uploaded onto my MacBook yet, so I am only showing the menu which was handed out during the delay.)

This flight was 14 hours and 55 minutes, and we had a cruising altitude ranging from 30,000 feet to 32,000 feet. I was fairly comfortable in 69A, and I think many passengers enjoyed the experience too, given it was nothing special.


The movie selection was quite mediocre, but it was enjoyable. To me, it felt there were only five to ten Hollywood movies while Chinese cinema dominated the whole IFE. Though, I’m not complaining about it. I watched Captain Marvel twice, (she’s my favorite in the MCU, I don’t know why people hate Brie ThAt much… Don’t come for me.), I wrote in my journal, read the June VOGUE issue, stared at the 3D flight tracker for quite some time, and took about 100 Instagram-worthy window pictures.

UM Service

Upon landing in Taipei an hour late, I was told by the very kind flight attendant’s to stay seated and deboard last as assistance was awaiting me. (On another note, one of my FA’s had a birthday and the crew sang Happy Birthday in Mandarin in the gate once everyone left, so Happy Birthday to Jess, if she sees this :)) The ground crew were very friendly with me, even at 5 in the morning. They escorted me to the EVA Air VIP Lounge to stay in during my 3 hours layover, and what I have to say about it is just down below ;)

VIP Lounge

My connection to Manila left at 8:30 A.M. so I had some ample time to spare. The VIP Lounge, sadly, isn’t as exciting as the main Infinity lounge but the amenities and food were very satisfying and the staff made it all more the experience. As a UM, they opened a small VIP room for me to rest in. I don’t have any more to say, you’ll see my final rating below.

Ratings on Pageant Scale

Ah yes, as I am a pageant guru, there has to be pageant scoring ;)

Seat: 8.85/10.00 It obviously isn’t a Singapore Airlines seat, but it was very comfortable. It could use some extra add-ons though to make the experience better.

Amenities: 9.50/10.00 Amenities provided were superb, but I wish every airline gave out amenity kits to all Economy passengers on long-haul.

Meals & Entertainment: 7.22/10.00 Don’t get me wrong, a 7 is a really good score, but obviously it was the movie selection that was a let-down. ;(

Service: 9.30/10.00 Again, it wasn’t SIA or EK, but the flight attendants and staff were very friendly and always up and running like their Japanese competitors. While waiting for the lav in lines, the FA’s offered drinks and snacks to the whole cabin THREE TIMES in the span of 10 minutes.

BR271 MNL-TPE 15.06.19

Aircraft: 777-300ER (A)
Route: Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)
Date & Time: 15.06 09:00 - 11:15
Aircraft Registration: B-16726

Yes, it was the same plane I took from Chicago to Taipei coincidentally XD

My row:

I’m not going to give a detailed review, as it was almost the same as the ORD-TPE flight. However the seats were very comfy, blankets and pillows were handed out optionally to those who wished to have them since it was a short, one-hour flight. There was a meal service, but it was a small meal and must I say the FA’s were very fast at serving and very nice, even with the small time window.

Seat: 9.15/10.00
Amenities: 9.55/10.00
Meals & Entertainment: 8.20/10.00
Service: 9.06/10.00


I really enjoyed the EVA Air experience flying long-haul in their hard economy product, and in the premium economy product as well even on a short flight. I highly recommend flying them, and the only downsides I had were the fact that there was a one hour delay on the ground in Chicago, but of course, it wasn’t at all to our control.

Enjoy some extra pictures and if I missed anything, please comment below! ;)

“Before everyone boarded.”

“I was so wrong about 30 minutes…”

“Sandwich trip”

“Taiwan, why you gotta be so beautiful??”

“Face reveal XD… Also the ID that was attached to my BA lanyard was in my wallet the whole time askssksksksksk”



I finally got the meal pictures to upload, so here they are!

Dinner on BR055

Breakfast on BR055UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_mini_1bfc

Lunch on BR271


Would love to fly on a plane bigger than a A320…Anyways nice trip report!


Great review! Hope you enjoyed it a lot


Nice trip report! Looks like you really enjoyed your experience with EVA Air. I also like the style of your trip report (including pics, opinions etc.) This time was a “text” instead of a video (I always watch YouTube lol).


Looks quite good!

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