Trip report of the “worse flight”: BA 268 LAX-LHR

Hello all,
I not so recently took a flight from Los Angeles to London. I am saying it’s the worse flight as it was a very long 10 hours. I took the lovely A380 (G-XLEJ). The plane departed at 9:35pm LA Time so I got to the airport around 5:30 so I can beat the crowd and look at all the big airplanes.

My plane coming taxiing to the gate.

And an hour before the flight I got myself some Starbucks. Sadly we did not take off until 10:45pm due to the airports being really busy(I think). I do have pics of inside the plane and before takeoff but they are kinda blurry. If you wanna see them PM me


Taking off from Los Angeles on 24L


We are flying over Las Vegas.

About four hours into the flight the sun rose. It would’ve been a nice sunrise to see if the wing wasn’t in the way.


Over north Canada about to enter Atlantic Ocean I believe.


Cruising south east down towards London. At this point in the flight I am dozing off but can’t completely sleep on airplanes.


Finally here we see land! 😁. I am almost done with the 10 hour flight.


Landing in the A380 is always fun. We were supposed to land at 16:25 London time but didn’t till 16:40 as we were in a holding pattern.


Saw this A380 while waiting to deplane and it was off to LA.

Overall I really love flying with British Airways. Snack, Dinner and breakfast was served. Snack came with pretzels, wine, and coke. Pretzels and coke were good but the wine was absolutely disgusting. Never ever ordering a wine from the plane again. Ate the dinner which was surprisingly good but the breakfast it was a bacon and egg burrito that I got and bacon was all black and looked disgusting so I did not eat it. In plus I was really tired. Like I said earlier the worst part of this flight was the duration and it’s sad/funny that when I am older I want to fly internationally.

Thanks for reading. Please comment if there is anything I can improve on as this is my first trip report. Hope you all have a good day/evening depending on where you are in the world


Flying on the A380 must be interesting. I’m guessing if you weren’t in business or first class you’d be on the lower deck?

Yea I was on the lower deck but I could’ve gone to the upper deck. And still be in economy.

Oh. I bet it was still a cool flight though

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