Trip Report: Mystery Location-KSEA via PANC

Today I flew from a mystery destination to PANC, and will be flying to KSEA later today. There are some clues as to where I started. First is the photo above, and second is the fact that I boarded the Q400 in the dark at 9:00 AM while using a jetway. Any guesses?


FAI (Fairbanks)? I’m not good at this stuff.

I’m going to guess Barrow since you said it was dark at 9:00AM.

It was PAFA, Barrow doesn’t have jetways that I know of.

Here’s some pictures from the approach and on the ground in Anchorage.

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Cool! Looks like lots of fun!


The Alaska/Virgin America more to love livery just came in! It’s going to be my ride to KSEA!


None or the bay near Barrow.

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