Trip Report: My Smartlynx Experience

Hello everyone. Today I flew with an airline that I have never been on which is Smartlynx. Technically it was SAS but I was told it was operated under Smartlynx. So I am going to talk a little bit about my experience with this airline from Helsinki to Stockholm. Let’s get started!

Last night we received an email saying that our original flight (SK705) was cancelled and the airline automatically rebooked us for a flight just a few hours later (SK707).

The boarding process was quite simple, I got to use the airstairs for the first time to get to the back of the plane where my seat was.

Apparently we forgot to check our boarding passes because we realized that my whole family would be completely separated and in middle seats, including me. This was very disappointing and frustrating because I couldn’t get the window view to enhance this trip report.

Here was the view I was able to get:

Soon enough it was time to push, taxi and takeoff. The takeoff did have a TOGA and we climbed incredibly steep. With it only being a less than an hour flight from Helsinki to Stockholm, we got to cruising altitude pretty quickly.

The crew started to hand out drinks but I didn’t bother getting anything because it costed some money.

After about 15 minutes of cruising, we started a descent and soon it was time for a landing…

So the landing was something. The approach was very unstable, the plane was rocking side to side almost until it touched down. The touchdown was average but after a few seconds the plane shifted left very hard and eventually a hard brake. There was 10kts of crosswind when we landed and our touchdown must have been late because we used the whole runway.

Overall Review:

Topic Rating
Seat: 6/10
Food: 0/10
Service: 7/10
Landing: 6/10
Total: 19/40

Thanks for viewing!


I believe these are airstairs.

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Ok thanks.

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Great trip report!

Thank you.

interesting, though you could have removed food from the rating, as you didn’t have anything.

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Yeah, but I always give the same review criteria for each trip report

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