Trip Report: My First E175 Flight

Hello everyone. Today I flew from Los Angeles to Missoula on American Eagle’s E175. This flight would be my first experience on the E175. Join me as I give a full trip report behind my E175 experience on American Airlines.

The terminal that American Airlines operates out of is called “The Box Terminal” and the name says everything. It’s a small space holding 5-6 gates and you need to shuttle from Terminal 5. Not the best terminal to fly out of considering it only has one cafe and a few vending machines.

Boarding was fairly simple because there was nobody on board our flight. Once I got to the aircraft the flight attendants asked me to wait a minute so that they could check if there was space for my carry on (there was).

The seat was very comfortable and somewhat spacious. With there only being a total of about 30 people there were many seats that were open. Pushback was right on time and we were on our way.

Takeoff was on runway 24L with no delay. We got lucky because 25R was packed with a slow moving line of about 10 aircraft waiting for departure. Soon enough we were on our way to Missoula.

Very shortly after departure service began and was really fast, obviously because there weren’t many on board. I decided to get a drink, pretzels and w biscoff cookie. All three were great!

We landed at 2:50 local time. The landing was fairly smooth with a slight bounce. The aircraft made very little noise with the reverse thrust. Total flight time was 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Overall Review:

Topic Rating
Seat: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Landing: 8/10
Total: 34/40

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I have a view of boarding the AA E175 in MIA almost exactly like you do!



Wow this was approved really fast.

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great topic have fun in missoula if thats your final destination lol

Yes it is lol

I approve of your drink choice lol

But tomato juice is SO MUCH BETTER 🍅🥤

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nobody likes tomato juice🤢


Except me 😋😋

I’ve been on 30+ something flights, most of them down to my vacation house. I always fly jetblue, and for something like 8 years the route was served by an e190 but now got upgraded to an a320. Tbh I like the e-jets better to ride on (even though on IF I like the a320 more). Hope you enjoyed it! Nice pics!

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Thank you. I’ve been told the E-Jets aren’t nice to ride on but I thought it was great

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I fly on the American E175 quite often, and it is definitely the best aircraft in the fleet becuase the seat is absolutely massive for AA

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apple juice on top

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looks like ur the alien the US has been talkin abt lol


I agree, it was quite spacious

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Great Aircraft. Work on these daily

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How could you drink ketchup 🤮


Great report butter !

Thank you!

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UA/SkyWest E175s have horrible padding in economy, probably worse than Air Wisconsin’s CRJ-200s, or any low cost airline. Fron what I’ve seen, AA/SkyWest in economy actually seems to be comfortable