Trip Report: My First ATR Flight

Hello everyone. Earlier today I embarked on another short flight during my European Trip. We were supposed to take a train but due to some difficulties, we had to fly instead. For this flight it would be my first time on an ATR which was really exciting. Join me as I dive into this flight!

We were originally scheduled to fly on Monday but with a three hour delay, it left us at the airport for a while. Eventually our flight got cancelled and we were automatically rebooked for today. Fortunately SAS paid for our hotel room and meals for the night at the airport hotel nearby.

Boarding was really quick which lead us to an on time departure. The seats were not very comfortable and I was practically able to touch the top with my head.

The takeoff had a TOGA and once they released the breaks it launched me back into my seat.

Once we reached cruising, the crew announced that the coffee machine was broken. There was no food or drink service either.

About 15 minutes after reaching cruising, we started our descent.

A nice view of Hamburg while on final

The landing was pretty smooth and we arrived into a rainy city.

Overall Review:

Topic Rating
Seat: 6/10
Food: 0/10
Service: 8/10
Landing: 8/10
Total: 22/40

Thanks for viewing!


The McDonalds of the sky.


This livery is really really cool!


Thank you.

That’s only if the ice cream machine is broken lol


and you went to Mini Wunder

Indeed I did

Seems like a pretty crappy flight lol

Nice pictures though

Lol thank you.

Another amazing trip report from the one and only Sir Butters

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Hamburger 🍔

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I honestly do not think I have been on an ATR flight where this has not happened. It is probably just an every flight thing for the ATR.

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Yeah, plus we didn’t taxi to the end of the runway, only like 3/4 of it

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That would also do it!

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