Trip report! LOWW-KIAD

Hey guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day! Yesterday I promised today I would do a trip report on a European airline! So I am doing a trip report on a flight I did today! Hope you all enjoy!

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Hi guys! Today I am flying home after being all around Europe within the past week! I had so much fun in Vienna but it’s time to get home!

My airplane, Austrian B772!

My seat 5A, business class!


Pretty nice views over central Germany

EHAM airport!

Crossing into the Atlantic Ocean

Really cool view of the southern tip of Greenland!

New York City!

Landed safely!
(Not my best landing! LOL😂 )

Thank you Austrian Airlines for such a great time on this flight today! I had a very comfortable flight back home and I had a good experience and I can’t wait to go back to Vienna next year on Austrian air again!

I hope you all enjoyed and have a good day guys!


Thank you for the likes!

I love the photos! Keep it up! Literally, keep flying!


Thank you so much! It really means a lot! Can anyone guess what airline my next trip report will be on!

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United. Because IAD is a united hub.

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Actually next week I am doing a challenge where I only fly United for 168 hours!


So I will have lots of trip reports on that airline

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Starting on Monday!

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Nice photos

Thank you!

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Nice trip report

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Did you long jump off the aircraft to the gate ?

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I think if the passengers didn’t make the jump, the bus comes and collects the bodies, I mean the passengers.

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One of the best European airlines product-wise and very underrated nonetheless. I hope you had a great trip (in IF)!


WDYM? I am glad you liked it!

Austrian Airlines?


glad you all like it!

Posting my next trip report soon!

Let’s try to get one more like so I can earn the good topic!