Trip Report Los Angeles(KLAX)-Phoenix(KPHX)

Today I will be taking a hour flight from Los Angeles(KLAX)-Phoenix(KPHX) on an American Airlines A321! I had a great flight.

Our airplane

My seat 5D First class!

Number 4 for departure


Santa Ana airport (KSNA)

Beautiful Scenery!

Salton Sea

Downtown Phoenix

Landed safely!

Thank you so much American Airlines for that wonderful flight!


Hi, cool shots, but your topic violates a rule in the #screenshots-and-videos category. You have 13 photos, which the maximum must be 10.

There I edited it

Very nice shots @AmericanB772

Thank you so much!

Pov you can levitate lol nice pics

Thank you!

I will do more in the future, I had fun making this!