Trip Report: London to Tokyo! S1E1 of travelling across the world!

Welcome to my Infinite Flight trip report series where every week, I upload a series of photos documenting my flights! In this report I flew from London, UK to Tokyo, Japan (the most beautiful city in the world!) with @if_finland! Lets go!

WD-40 mini-mod edition

Aircraft: JAL B777-300ER
Flight number: JL44/JAL44
Flight time: 13:54

My aircraft is on the left, and on the right - @if_finland. The boarding starts in 10 minutes, lets go buy a coffee in the mean time.

Here is my seat! A first class suite 2A! Beautiful!

Pushback has started, and so is the engine start-up! Those GE90 sounds are something else 😍.

1, 2 skip a few 99, 100 minutes later we are finally lining up with runway 27L about to leave England!

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM down the runway and we V1 Rotate! Pilots commence the first turn around 30 seconds after take-off. Going to take a quick nap whilst climbing up to 33000 feet.

Welcome to 33000 feet! We are still over England in hopes that we will leave soon. The meal service started and I went for the Kanmi (Kudzu Starch Noodles, Peach Gorojima-kintoki Sweetend Sweet Potato and Green Tea). For the beverage, I went for some apple juice (アップル).

Oooooh, Greenland, lovely. About 7 hours to go! Lets take a quick sleep with hopes to wake up on descent.

Wait WHAT?! I overslept the descent. Thankfully I fell asleep with a sitting position. The landing was quite hard.

Exiting runway 16R and welcome to Tokyo!

Parked at the gate, and the engines were shut down. I enjoyed every single second of this trip. Thanks for tuning in!


It was a nice flight


Nice shots! Flying the Northpole route is always fun.