Trip Report: LGSR-EGLL

This is my first trip report so sorry about the bad editing. There is also not a lot of photos because I decided to make this last minute. But I’m excited to share.

Flight Details:
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (British Airways)
Cruise Altitude & Speed: FL370; Mach .85
Flight Time: 3 Hours, 49 Minutes

Takeoff out of Santorini

Nice view of the island during departure.

Sunset over Zurich.

Descending into London

“Speedbird 657 is on final runway 27R.”

Sort-of smooth touchdown.

At the gate in Heathrow!

Thanks for checking this out! Have a great night!


Good photos. Just in the detail santorini ICAO isn’t correct

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Ohhhh. like take off runway and departure route?

Great photos!

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