Trip Report: KXNA-KDFW-KSNA on American Airlines

How’s it going guys! Today I took a trip west to Southern California. I thought I’d take a couple of pics and tell y’all about. Here we go!

Here’s N283NN, the less than year old Embraer E175 that took us on the 46 minute flight from KXNA to KDFW. It was an Envoy Air flight operating as American Eagle.

As we reach our cruising altitude of FL280, I think about the necessity of service dogs. And electric collars. I could really use one for the dog behind me. Just kidding guys, don’t get mad at me.

I included the outline of the windows so y’all could see the massive windows on the E175.

Our pilot buttered this landing on runway 17C. It felt like he didn’t use reversers, but that would’ve been horrible on the brakes if he didn’t.

Before we continue, I’d like to point out some unique liveries I spotted. First an American Airbus A321in the special US Airways livery.

Next is a retro American Airlines livery, yet this one is a little different… it’s white instead of chromatic silver.

I believe it’s an ERJ135? Let me know. This one may interest you @AvioesEJogos.

I boarded an AA 738 a couple hours later with some nice seat back screens. I watched “42.” We also got these bags, as they did not offer regular services.

I also had to wear a mask the whole time, which really stunk. Especially when the only person in close proximity to me is my brother, who is constantly with me anyway.

As I filtered paper shavings out of my McDonald’s Douglas cup, I wondered about how much paper straws actually do to help the environment. Anyway, we had a beautiful FL380 cruise.

We got very close to the San Bernardino Mountains, a beautiful view! We actually took a big 360 degree turn around them before final.

We had a rough landing at John Wayne runway 20R. The landings there are always rough there, as it has the shortest 737 capable runway on the US mainland, and there is lots of crosswind.

A lot of people want to change the name of the airport, I hope they don’t.

Well guys thanks for reading my very first trip report. I hope you liked reading is as much as I liked writing it. Should I do one for my return trip?

  • Yes
  • No

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Oooh XNA. About a three hour drive from me!

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Oh nice! It’s my home airport!

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Complaining about wearing a mask? Hmm…


That’s the old AA Eagle livery.

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Hey nice pics but a little confused by this " It felt like he didn’t use reversers, but that would’ve been horrible on the brakes if he didn’t." You can always hear when a plane uses reversers also they actually aren’t used as much as you think and the brakes actually handle it quite well. Nice pics tho :)

Why was this flagged? I understand it can be controversial to talk about masks, but someone can mention that you should wear one on another thread, so why can’t someone say they don’t want to on this thread?


Interesting report! Yeah, why was this flagged? 🤔 Anyways, good report. I like reading these!


What I was talking about how I couldn’t feel the force you usually feel from reversers. Didn’t feel it. But maybe the pilot didn’t feel like he needed them as it was a long runway and a small plane.

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Thanks bro!

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Anyways, great trip report, SNA is such a great airport! And the landings do get bumpy occasionally 😂

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They are quite uncomfortable.

Yep it is a lot more convenient then LAX!

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They keep us safe, 4M cases in one country…

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Great trip report!
Do I support wearing a mask? Yes. Do I agree with you that it stinks? Also yes. It stinks but we have to do what’s right.


Well, that may not be true… but this isn’t the place for a conversation like that. Feel free to PM me.

Ok everyone this topic is not about COVID. The mask comment was a very trivial part of a full trip report. The mask was worn, move on.


From what I can see it’s an ERJ140 (I counted the windows). Interesting they didn’t paint it in the chromed livery… (nvm it’s just the standard old AA Eagle livery from what I searched)

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Man you’re so lucky you get to fly! I haven’t flown since December :(

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Nice trip report. The AE 175s might have to be one of my favorite aircraft. Your pilots probably didn’t use any reverse thrust on 17C as most of the taxiways are closed next to that runway and it’s NOTAM’ed that they have to exit at a certain taxiway