Trip report KTPA-KMCO

Hi guys! Today I will do a short hop over to Orlando from here in Tampa!

I am heading on my last vacation this summer and will be doing some fun activities in Orlando!

Flight time: 25 minutes
Training server

My plane Frontier airlines A320

My seat 3A


Downtown Tampa

Beautiful fields from central Florida!

Downtown Orlando

KORL airport


Thank you so much Frontier airlines for taking me on this short hop from Tampa and making it such a fun and enjoyable flight! Definitely better then driving 90 minutes lol!

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great day!


Very cool. Question- how do you get those other wing views?

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I think he used the drone cameras to get a unique shot.

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That’s exactly what I did

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Thank you so much guys!

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I plan on making more soon!

You’re welcome. Nice pics tho 🔥🔥

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