Trip Report! KRDU-KMIA

Hey IFC, I recently had to take a business trip to Miami for my company Dunder-Mifflin. I decided to fly American Airlines, and I loved it. I arrived at Raleigh an hour and a half early to spot but I didn’t get any pictures.

Here’s my plane, a 738, sitting at gate C23. I couldn’t find her age but she is N905NN in the AA Astrojet livery. She had just gotten in from Boston.

When I got on her I realized that Raleigh was very quiet. Almost too quiet. But we rotated at around noonish today.

When we got to FL 340, they came around with the food cart. I got some pretzels and a coke.

At around 35 minutes left in the flight, we started descending into Miami.

The landing was smooth and the taxi was pretty normal.

Overall, I rate the trip 9/10

P.S., Dunder-Mifflin’s branch on Jupiter is up 8,000% lol. That’s from the Office in case you didn’t know [/spoiler]

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I love the office quote

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Thanks, I was rewatching it today and saw that episode


Ooo astrojet livery. I might fly this later.