Trip report: KPHX-KDEN 3/28/19

Just returned from spring break in Phoenix Arizona and also played some baseball in Mesa,AZ and took 2nd place. Anyways enough of me bragging. We arrived for our flight 2 hours before departure time got everything checked in.
Fast forward two hours later we are about to board.image
After we had boarded I parked my butt in seat 11A image
After boarding we sat at our gate for 20 minutes because of a maintenance and then we finally pushed back and began our taxi towards Runway 25Rimage
Then it was time for takeoff!!

Climbing up to FL390 image
Cranberry juice, pretzels and my IFE image
Descending into KDEN following the LDORA2 Arrival for Runway 35L
Foggy Final approach for runway 35L

Taxing to gate C36
Parked at gate C36 10 minutes late
On the train to get back to the main terminal
Overall this flight was quick and easy going into Denver was bumpier than usual but it was nice being greeted by the foggy approach into Denver!

Got our bags and our car and heading home for three weeks then I’m off to D.C with my school for a week!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!!


Hi, @den.aviation!

Sorry but you can only have a maximum of 10 photos/videos per post. Nice photos though.

You could put the rest in a Google Drive folder and send us the link (make sure we can’t edit it though - only make us able to view it.

Any questions - PM me.
Happy Landings!

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Very detailed Trip Report. Hope you enjoyed your flight. :)

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I was just at KDEN on friday of last week. I was flying in from KPDX. What lovely airports (KDEN and KPDX). Nice pictures

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Fixed it for ya

Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8


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