Trip Report’ KORD- KLIT Skybest Crj-700

Hello IFC, this will be my third and final trip report about the flights I did with my girlfriend overnight the weekend! Our last was was on a Crj-700 from KORD-KLIT as non revs in the early morning. This flight was operated by N748EV. The flight was only about half full with 24 empty seats! My friend Richie gave us some interesting facts about our flight. This is what he sent me:
You’re flying @ 36,000ft with 8500lbs of fuel departing 22L flaps 20/slats25. You will weigh 71,267lbs at takeoff.

The flight was one of the smoothest I’ve ever been on and was really a perfect flight! Overall here are the ratings:
Flight crew:9.5/10
Overall rating:9.5/10



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