Trip report! KORD-KIAH

Hi guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day! I decided I wanted to do a trip report on a flight I did 5 months ago!

This is my first trip report on United so I hope you enjoy!

Today I will fly from Chicago to Houston to connect with SCEL for a fun vacation! I hope you enjoy!
IAS 0.86

My airplane, United B738!

My seat 7D

Steep takeoff, Lol!

KSTL airport

This will be a pretty uneventful flight with a nice clear view of northern Arkansas

Crossing into Texas!

Landed safely!

Thank you United airlines for a pretty enjoyable flight down to KIAH so I can connect to SCEL where my final vacation spot!

I hope you all have enjoyed and stay tuned for the IAH-SCEL trip report on Uniteds business class! Have a good rest of your day everyone!


Amazing trip report

Thank you so much!

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What a good trip report you had there. Btw, STL airport is my home airport. I was born in St. Louis.

KSTL airport

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