Trip Report! KLAX - KFAR| FT: Allegiant

i haven’t done one of these in a while, so while i’m stuck with covid again why not make another one! Enjoy!


Airline: Allegiant
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Route: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Hector International (KFAR)
Flight Time: 02:33 hours
Server: Expert

*Ah yes, you smell that folks? That smells cheap. I still don’t understand how these airlines make money. Anyways today i’ll be flying on Allegiant’s A320-200 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hector International in North Dakota (FAR). Don’t ask why I picked Fargo. My grandmas bingo session was more fun then flying to Fargo. Also i’m not sure why I booked this on Allegiant it was kinda pricy not gonna lie. My ticket said it was a whopping 50$ so i’m like “cool i might die but that’s fine”. As i’m getting ready to book the flight I see they make you pay for your luggage which is another 60$? Like man oh man now i see how y’all make your money. Cough cough Spirit”. Well here we are at Terminal 5 in LAX, very boring classic terminal nothing too special apart from me 😏. So we were supposed to board at 11:15am but I the pilot had an emergency issue with his family, so they had to call another pilot. No issue until i saw our flight was delayed to 1:30pm?! Like hold up… THAT LONG?? I wanted to cry. Anyways we boarded after 2 hours that felt like 10 hours, I got to my seat and sat my beautiful self down.

So I paid an extra 30$ for a window seat but I kinda regret it. This couple maybe 16 & 17 sat next to me and wouldnt stop playing “kissy kissy” bleh. Ive never been so annoyed. We pushed back and taxiied out to runway 7L because of the wind. Last time I was on runway 7L was… well never! We lined up and the girl next to me is like “bub im scared please hold my hand”. I have never wanted a plane to crash so badly. We started rolling down the runway and caught these tails! Thats ONE of our amazing highlights of the trip. Here you can see 3 Emirates and 1 Swiss cheese.

Honestly I forgot where I took this over, maybe Nevada or Utah. We were cruising at a good 34,000ft and the flight attendants start coming over with deez nutz and beverages. Sadly Allegiant doesn’t have Inflight Entertainment since they’re cheap and make all of their money from charging for checked bags. The flight attendant came through our row and she asked if I wanted anything to eat to which I replied saying “Sure do you have any pretzels?”. “Sorry sir those are for first class passengers”, she said. Like woah hold up, you gotta pay 200$ to get a bag of pretzels?? Now I see why this airline is the way it is.

So we started our descent into Fargo and boy oh boy look at this scenery, Its so beautiful, I can’t believe people wouldn’t wanna travel here! I mean look, you can see grass, crops, grass, crops and if you’re lucky you will see a tractor! wow impressive am I right? So we were about 5 miles out of the airport and the boyfriend goes “Can you stop looking at me and my girl, its making us uncomfortable.” I told him “I wasn’t staring at your raggity looking rat girlfriend I was trying to record the cabin full of rednecks.” He got mad and barked at me. So now I got this rat and her dog sitting next to me.

Ah finally we’re on the ground of North Dakota, overall it was a decent flight and I cant complain. Only down-part was the couple and thats about it. I dont think I would fly Allegiant again but if I got the ticket from someone else maybe. We taxiied to the gate and to no surprise there wasn’t a single aircraft in sight. We got off the plane and I headed to baggage claim, but before I grabbed this quick shot of our aircraft. Hope you guys enjoyed this one and next flight will be posted this weekend! Miami to Doha on Qatar’s A350! Thanks for the support and feel free to like and comment on this! Toodles!

Flight Summary
Airline: 6/10
Aircraft: 8/10
Departing Airport: 9/10
Seat: 2/10
Inflight Service: 6/10
Arrival Airport: 5/10
Overall: 6/10


Great pictures and hilarious commentary!

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I live in Minnesota, and everything you said about North Dakota is essentially correct.

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(Responding to first comment then second one)

Thank you! The photos aren’t “amazing” i just do it for the commentary. I’ve always wanted to fly into either north or South Dakota just to experience it.

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I’ve only been to the Dakotas once in real life. I was flying from San Francisco to Minneapolis, and there was severe thunderstorms and high winds in Minneapolis. We diverted to Sioux Falls, which has is used to a few E175s/CRJ-200s a day. When 4 diverted 737s landed there, including mine, they were not prepared! It was a mess!

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jeez thats gotta be rough on the airport and you! Back in 2020 I was flying from Los Angeles to Orlando but after a huge thunderstorm we diverted to West Palm Beach. At the time it was when covid had just started and the airport was dead. We landed and we got off before heading back out, and the airport had not a single food place or even vending machine open. I start walking around and see 10 tsa agents just sitting down and talking because there wasnt another arrival/departure for 5 hours. I filtered my flight tracker and not one single plane was in bound or out bound for west palm beach, apart from us. Kinda felt bad. After a 2 hour delay we finally made it into Orlando. Theres so videos on youtube if youd like to see them.

As a Fargo resident and native, I absolutely loved this!

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glad you do 😀 👍

I might have to try one of these 🤣

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You should! I’m making one on Ryanair and Icelandair right now :)

Have fun!

Allegiant isnt an airline i see much

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Fantastic read. Thanks for the laugh.

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Same with Sun Country. They’re both nice liveries I wish more people used them.

Glad you enjoyed 😁👍

The commentary 🤣🤣🤣🤣
It just gets better and better with each photo

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Oh just wait till you see my Ryanair one coming tonight 😈

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love the commentary. Awesome!!!

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