Trip Report: KEWR-KLAX (Newark-Los Angeles)

Good evening IF community! I would like to give my take on Virgin America, and there service on a 5-6 hour flight.

So let’s get to the basics:

Service Quality: 4/5 The staff was very kind and very welcoming for the most part.

Food: 3/5 The food was alright (I don’t put any food in the video).

Flight: 5/5 Our climb wasn’t steep at all, and the landing was like bread on butter. We ran into some slight turbulence though at the start and at the end of the flight.

Overall: 4.5/5 It’s hard to complain, they are easily one of the best airlines I’ve ever flown on.

Why Virgin America?

Virgin America is one of the cheapest airlines that I’ve ever seen that offered what they offer, they offer PTV’s free food (On select flights like this one). Free WiFi (Again on select flights such as this one), and had a huge selection of entertainment. The seats are also leather in economy which is even more amazing about the airline, they care so much about customer satisfaction, and do the best they can to ensure it. You should all go fly them if you ever have the chance in the next year or two (Because Alaska is taking them over).

Now the video:

I hope that you really enjoy this video, I put a lot of hard work into ensuring it is of great quality!

Any kind of criticsm for the way the video was shot, or any airline recommendations are very preferred


Exactly why Alaska shouldn’t be suppressing the brand! I’d hate to see the day all of their aircraft getting repainted to Alaskan colors…


I think that Virgin company though will get more money out of this deal.

People are still upset that it happened including myself.


well i would be suprised if the ceo uses all the money he got to start another airline just as good as Virgin america.
I hope he does, Lets wait and see.
I haven’t flown on them but i want to.

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Nice trip report! Love Virgin America! I’m flying Alaska in 8 days lol


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