Trip report! KDFW-LIRF

After all of my flights into KDFW this is what you all have been waiting for!

Hi guys today I will be flying to Rome after connecting from KMCO and KTPA! I have never been to Rome before so this will be a lot of fun! If you are on a long haul flight American Airlines is the way to go!

My airplane American Airlines B772!

My seat 5A business class!

Takeoff! Goodbye Dallas!

Pretty nice view over southern Illinois

Lake Huron has a nice view

Crossing into the Atlantic Ocean

We are flying over Lyon, France

Upper Corsica, just west of the main land of Italy!


Thank you so much American Airlines for such a wonderful experience! I had an amazing time in your business class and the service was really good! Can’t wait to fly back to KPHL on American Airlines B789 business class to connect with KMCO! That trip report will come out soon!

Hope you all enjoyed and have a great rest your day!


Great Photos!

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Thank you so much!

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