Trip Report KDEN-KPHX 3/21/19

Welcome to my second trip report!
My fight was from Denver to Phoenix we were scheduled to depart at 12:40pm but that didn’t go as planned we were delayed for 4 and half hours. The pilots didn’t know why were delayed. image
My boarding pass
Waiting for pushback at gate C35

British Airways 747 on final for 17R also saw a Lufthansa 747 but didn’t get a picture
Takeoff 17L
Climbing up to FL380 with a mountain in the background

Pretzels and OJ
descent into Phoenix
Parallel approach with an American 757

Welcome to Phoenix! Parked at Gate C3 at Phoenix


Landing at KPHX
Hope you enjoyed!
Photos taken with an IPhone XS


Flight was very smooth just a bump here and there

Hope you had a nice flight! Great to see the canyon blue livery still in action :)


Yeah I’m glad that there are still canyon blue liveries still around

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Looks like you were on N704SW

But lucky you to have A7 as your position and a business select ticket

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Since we booked so late it was the only thing available

Well at least you get to be one of the first to board :D

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Yeah the people in front of me were like holy 🤬
There are so many seats I don’t know where to sit lol

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@BigBert10 @Luke_Sta check out my video of the landing! up above in the first post

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Wow, barely any reverse thrust was used

Landing on 26 though meant longer taxi times right?

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It didn’t feel long but that was probably cause I was looking at my phone and messing with my airpods

Welcome to Phoenix 👋🏾good u didn’t come during the summer.

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Yeah that would’ve sucked to play baseball in

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Yep enjoy your stay:)

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Thank you!

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