Trip Report: KATL-KTRI

Hello! Today i’ll be taking a flight from Atlanta to Tri Cities to do some hiking and fishing!

Here’s my ride for today a Delta Airlines Crj-200 at got D08

Here’s my seat 6C with a cool view of the wing

Takeoff runway 8R

Cruising over South Carolina

Some decent legroom for a small Crj a got a nice Coke and some pretzels

Descent into Tri Cities with a sweet Appalachian mountain view

Landed Runway 5!

Parked at Gate 4, thanks for the wonderful flight Delta! Hope to fly with you again soon!

Have a favorite photo? Let me know below 👇


Nice shots! I would recommend putting this in the #screenshots-and-videos so it doesn’t get deleted! Third pic was the best :)

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Yeah realized that as soon as i posted thanks tho glad you liked it!

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Awesome pictures @RagonDragon

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It’s going to be Infinite flight trip report Because all of these images and everything in this trip report is in infinite flight simulator. Cool shots btw!!

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