Trip Report: JetBlue A320, SFO-LGB

Hey everyone! Today I flew from San Fransisco to Long Beach (SFO-LGB) on JetBlue! This was my first time flying them and they were great.

My plane was N659JB and the tail is in the Blueberries scheme, the name of the plane was “BetaBlue”.

There was so much legroom and this was the regular economy seat. We had a complimentary drink and the choice between cookies or Cheez-its. The Flight was around an hour. When the plane arrived at the gate, the pilots let me in the cockpit! This was my third time in a commercial cockpit.

Here are some of the pictures from the flight.

Also, I have videos of the takeoff and landings, so when I upload them to YouTube, I’ll notify you all!
Also, you should check out my aviation Instagram! I’ll be posting other stuff there from the flight. Thanks for checking out this post!!


That looks like a great experience! I’m jealous, I have never gotten invited to a cockpit before👍👍👍.


Good Trip Report. Glad you had a good time. 👍

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You should definitely try to ask, it is a pretty cool experience!

Thanks! JetBlue sure is a cool airline!

You don’t have to get invited. Just get the courage and ask a flight attendant. Preferably after landing so you have more time to chill with the pilots. Personally, I have been inside but it’s not because I asked.

How I get inside:

  1. Wait until all other PAX have left the aircraft. (Be the last person to leave.) Really this is a tough step if you’re traveling in groups but my dad loves aviation too so it’s easy for me.

  2. Go up to the FA and look inside the cockpit

  3. Hopefully, they ask if you would like to come in

  4. Take up the offer and get in. Be sure to have your camera, you’d want to remember that day.

It works 100% guaranteed for me.


I’ve been in a cockpit only once, AC835 from LSGG-CYUL. It was an a330-300 and it was truly amazing. Very nice wing shot btw👍

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Nice trip report! Hope you enjoy your trip!

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JetBlue is definitely my favorite domestic US airline. Great service, great cabin, great IFE, and new aircraft. Great airline all around!

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I’ve done it very often. Just ask nicely and they almost always say yes. I felt pretty lucky to go in one on an A380 from DXB-LGW!

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Here is the video of the takeoff!

Wow those passengers were loud XD

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Yeah lmao, it this group of kids that clapped when the plane got into the air. 😂


not to be off topic but the man spread in that first pic lmao


😂😂 I don’t know why I was sitting like that.

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Maybe because your leg did not fit in the space between the chair and the bottom section of controls?


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