Trip Report | Jan 10th, 2022 | AMM-AQJ | A319 | RJ306

Today I decided to get in the air again with an amazing flight. I’m temporarily based in Amman, Jordan for educational purposes and love it, however, the opportunity to fly in this region for a good price and with a good schedule doesn’t come often. This country was beautiful to see from the air no less:)
Here’s some info about my flight

Flight Info

Date: 01/10/2022
Airline: Royal Jordanian
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Registration: JY-AYC
Departure Gate: Gate 01/Ramp N7 @AMM

Note: Due to this being the only domestic flight in the country I suspect, we boarded using the one gate that doesn’t even require you to enter the secured area. We had security measures and clearance right next to our “gate” which unfortunately led to a lack of a Terminal spotting experience.

So to make up for the lack of a terminal spotting experience I guess I’ll admit the airfield boarding made up for it. For what I think is only the third time in my life I was able to see a special livery, This time I was parked right next to the RJ Retro “Alia” Livery that was later off to IST.

Here is my plane, an Airbus A319. Fun fact: This is my first A319 flight even though the majority of my life’s flights have been on A320 family aircraft. Even though it’s basically a baby bus, being right next to it felt huge :)

I settled into this relatively empty aircraft at my amazing seat of 16J with 2 windows and perfect alignment. I felt a certain honor knowing that I’m flying literally the only domestic flight within my country. This flight would turn out to still give me amazing views of the beautiful terrain and of course the amazing approach into Aqaba no less.

More fun facts, I saw this BEAUTY of a 787 that I recognized to be the same aircraft that brought me into Jordan as RJ268 from Detroit a few months earlier. This time, however, she was heading to London Heathrow.
Insert Pun Joke here: JY-BAE you will always be my bae :)… I’m sorry

This is the lowest point on earth from above. At this point, I had an AMAZING view of the dead sea from about FL200. Given how short and light our flight was, we climbed relatively high and fast at that.

I have no doubt I’ll be working this trip again soon. All U.S. crews are more than likely on my side here when I say I was SHOCKED to get a considerably high quality FREE snack dessert and drink on this 45 minute flight. Btw I only paid 35 JD (Local Currency) for this flight 35JOD = 49.5 USD | 43.5 EUR

Recently being Friday I went to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra and now I was happy to be able to see the Ma’an governate area from above a few days later and omg be it a few feet away from the mountains and cliffs or a few thousand feet away, this view will always look amazing and remind me of how lucky I am to be based in this country.

At this point we had already began our descent into Aqaba and I got to see more of the desert terrain that I’ll admit reminded me of the Southwestern U.S. in which it was nice to get a taste of home even from so far away.

You might look at this picture and say “Wow, he got this snap right before landing…”
If only you were right, I was attempting to get a shot right when the spoilers deployed but this was maybe the only time In my life where on an A320 family aircraft and with no significant wind or weather on the airfield at the time the landing was not buttered. We planted it. However, we planted so nicely that we bounced and the spoilers did not deploy even though we were on the ground.
All jokes aside though, At Aqaba the runway is just short of 10000 ft, however, flights often use 1/2 to maybe 4/6 of the runway aiming for a certain turnoff point to reduce taxi time which forces either harsher braking force after a lighter landing or a firm touchdown with gradual autobrakes. We also came in high so I knew to expect the pilot flying would be putting her down with intention.

Anyways, I ended up bussing back to Amman literally 2 hours later and I’ll stand by the fact that I enjoy air travel more than ground travel. Regardless of your opinion, enjoy the picture of the Stroll I took to the beach in downtown Aqaba during my 2 hour sit time while wearing a very formal White button-down, Black tie, and Slacks. Needless to say, I was stared at by everyone I passed.

Thank You
I’ve actually never done a trip report before so I hope you guys enjoy this. If you have any tips to improve I’m definitely open to learning from the best :)

Until next time, Be safe and happy !


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