Trip Report: Jackson Hole - San Fransisco

Hello IFC 👋
On Wednesday I traveled back to San Fransisco 🌁again to visit Stanford University. It was a quick 3 day trip for some medical appointments, and I figured I try making a trip report for the outbound flight! ✈️
Please enjoy

I got to the airport about 2 hrs before we left, and after passing through security, I was greeted by a full afternoon ramp with two United A320’s (one of which was my ride to SFO), a United 737-700, an Alaska 737-700 also going to San Fransisco, a United E175 as well as Delta’s daily 757 from Atlanta!
The Alaska 737 pushed back about the same time boarding started for my flight which was right on time at 2:25pm mst!

My seat for the 2:00 flight was 12F, a window seat 1 row ahead of the overwind exits.
Our ride today was N415UA, which was delivered new to United Airlines in May of 1994, making it nearly 30 years when I flew Wednesday.
Boarding concluded about 10 minutes before pushback. Soon after we taxied up to the de-ice pad near runway 19 and waited for about 45 minutes due to sequencing conflicts at SFO because of the 28L/10R closure. During this time I did what any logical AvGeek would do… flood my phone camera roll with pictures of metal objects which included a Gulfstream G650, the delta 757 and the United E175 to heading to Atlanta and Los Angeles respectively

Takeoff was delayed 50 minutes due to the conflicts in SFO, but once we taxied onto the runway, those turbofan engines did not hesitate to rocket us into the sky! The picture above was taken as we passed 11,000ft MSL just over highway 22. We reached our initial cruising altitude of 32,000 over Pocatello Idaho, and soon climbed 36,000 and then 38,000 where we stayed the rest of the flight!

Soon after we reached FL380, the flights attendants came around with drinks and snacks! I got this here “Takeoff” snack box which included many delicious things including Italian salami, toberlone chocolate 🍫 and smoked gouda cheese spread 🧀, which I ate with a nice cold glass of ginger Ale 🥤😋

The rest of the flight, literally the only thing I did was listen to Spotify Mostly Queen and 80s rock and make gates assignments for an event that @Prestoni is hosting at LFPG this spring 😅
I needed a break from my computer screen, and got this beautiful picture of @Topgottem land, aka Sun Valley and the potato plains 🥔of south-central Idaho


Finally on decent into San Fransisco, yes I did end up finishing those gates assignments 😮‍💨. On downwind for 28R with this amazing view of the sunset, half moon bay (Home of the mysterious @Thomas_Cunningham) and Mavericks 🏄‍♂️🌊! Our initial decent was quite turbulent with just a few loud-ish noises from passengers in first class.

Absolutely butter landing 🧈! Parked at F4 right next to a CRJ700 heading over to Aspen Colorado 🏔️! @Pilot_InfiniteFlight was in SFO about 6 hrs prior and decided it’d be a good idea to hide paper towels at my gate for me to find 🧻🤔
Which ofc I did find because he hid them very very poorly 😈

Seat: 7/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Landing: 10/10

Bonus Pictures



Nice pics, glad you had a fun and safe trip


Actually? That’s kinda funny and cool if he did


Yep he absolutely did

Here’s his photo

Here’s mine


I can confirm, it was a lot of gates 🤣

Nice report! Hope you had a good time in the bay


Lovely report Mountain King.

The first class PAX seem to freak out the most during turbulence.

The real question remains - who was taking care of da bison while you were gone?


Hopefully they were self sustaining but idek 🤷

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Oh wow those ratings totally aren’t bias

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nice @United403, the amount of mountains really make you the MOUNTAIN KING.

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Awesome report mountain king! Cool to see a 737 with eyebrow windows these days.

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Very nice review! Good job with the photos!

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JAC Is a great Airport. I went there on a non rev trip and really enjoyed the area and airport.

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It really is a special place 🏔️🏔️😁