Trip Report: Jackson Hole(KJAC)-Seattle(KSEA)

Hello everybody and welcome back to another all-photo trip report! Today we are taking Alaska Airlines from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Seattle, Washington aboard one of their Boeing 737-800. This was done yesterday morning as part of a Jackson Hole Flyout hosted by @Butter575 and @United403! Thanks to them for creating such a great event!


Server: Training
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery/Airline: Alaska Airlines (Old Livery)
Flight Time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes
Cruising Altitude: FL340


Departing out of Jackson Hole Airport today! Here’s all the tails!!

Gallery 1 (Left-Right-Left-Right)
-Our plane, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800
-The view. Sitting in in Seat 4D which is First Class :D! Also an Alaska 737-900 at the gate.
-A United Airbus A320 at the gate
-A Private Boeing 737-700 BBJ at a remote stand

Gallery 2 (Left-Right-Down)
-Liftoff outta Jackson Hole! Plus multiple planes holding short of the runway
-What a shot of the mountains and tower!
-The lineup holding short of the runway.

Goodbye Jackson Hole! See ya next time. Love these mountains!

The scenery is unbelievable on this route!

Now entering: Washington

What a shot of Mt. Rainier.

Hello Seattle!

Seattle-Boeing Field Airport:

Gallery 2 (Left-Right-Left-Right)

-Approach into SEA
-Ready to land!
-BFI Airport
-Welcome to Seattle

That’s gonna do it for today! Reply with what route I should do next! See you next time!


Love the pics! Creative way to fit more photos! 😉 Very beautiful route, might try it soon.

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Wow! Very nice pics!!

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Thank you!

Thanks! Its a gorgeous route and I highly recommend it

Darn, I missed the event. Looks really cool though. Jackson is one of my favorite locations to visit.

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Awesome pictures! You should do a trip report on KDFW-KDCA next time.

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