Trip Report in India (6E 918) Indigo

Well this is my first trip report , hope you guys enjoy it .

the journey started of at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport , Kolkata.
Indigo flights are always on time.

Without further wasting time let’s get into the fun part 😉
Some snaps from the terminal

This one of Spicejet B737-800 but not painted I don’t get the reason for it not being painted.

Air Asia A320-200

Here’s my ride An Airbus A320-200 , 5.8 years old with registration VT-IFF
The aircraft was neat and clean and well maintained. My height is around 5ft 8inches so it was a bit tight for me.

They have also have an amazing network across Asia and Middle East.

As it was an budget airline you have to pay on board to buy , but i had already brought something for myself at the airport

We smoothly departed out of CCU and cruised to flight level 340

The journey time is approximately about 2hrs & 30mins.

Time passed by and soon we began our descent into New Delhi. The landing was not the best I have seen , but probably the worst(it’s all in the video).

The airport seems to be having a lot of private jets parked , and finally we arrive In T1 .

Both of the gentleman walking were our pilots for the day.

An overview of New Delhi T1 airside operations.

•Crew: 5/5 (excellent crew & always welcoming)
•food:N/A( I didn’t taste it)
*Airport services: 4/5

kolkata’s ATC Tower
I have the videos of airport overview of Kolkata & New Delhi and departure & arrival which will be posted on my Instagram account.
Departure from VECC/CCU

My next trip report is tomorrow on Go Air to Ladakh


Hey there,

Thanks for providing us with some photos of your trip, could you add more detail to what you have self titled a “Trip Report” with some details of how the trip was?

Showing us photographs isn’t providing a report really.

Take a look at this link for some inspiration.

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Nice photos hope you enjoyed the trip as well!

I must say those ramps to the plane look awesome!

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Nice photos you got there, I had flight from Delhi to Hyderabad last month, I was lucky to get an Indigo A320 NEO. :)

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I by mistakly pressed the post button before finishing it , sorry.

Cool I saw the A320 NEO , but was in hangar probably the problem with P&W engines.

They do look so welcoming…

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