Trip Report: IB3091, CX320

Long Post ahead

Hello, IFC!

This is my first TR, so don’t expect it to be good:-)
On the 11th of August me and my family flew to Hong Kong from Porto, via Madrid.


This flight hadn’t much to show, there was no service, but the FA’s were really nice.
The A320 which brought us to Madrid
IMG_20180811_080403 Ávila
Madrid Airport

The ride to Hong Kong

The boarding process was really organized, it was zoned boarding. Everyone boarded leisurely and in order.

This is how the cabin looks

It was spacious and the seat was really confortable, it even had Universal power supply and an adjustable headrest.

After takeoff, tasty appetizers were served

Barcelona at Cruise altitude (includes BCN)

About 30mins later, lunch was served.

This meal was really tasty, it smelled as wonderful as it tasted. It was pork with jasmine rice and satay sauce (not sure about the name of the sauce). The size of the meal was perfect, you would get ~80% full. There were 3 options, though one got requested so much that it became unavailable for others, unfortunately.

Cruising near Bari

Sneak peak of the bathroom

Cruising above Turkey

Later on, you could request for a mid-flight snack. I asked for the noodles, so did many people, as they tasted as heaven! The picture is bad, but the aspect was better looking.

Around 2 hours before landing, breakfast was served. I asked for Chicken Noodles with some sauce which name I can’t remember. It also tasted and looked amazingly!

Wingview and Spoiler Alert

The FA’s were constantly passing by to check if everything was ok. They served a lot of drinks too.

We arrived 5 minutes ahead of schedule, which was really good because we needed to go to the ferry terminal to go Macau!

To sum up, super duper Nice, careful FA’S, excellent food, on time, really good IFE, kinda modern cabin, really confortable seat. Best deal ever for only 420€ R/T! (The return flight was pretty much the same)

Comment below your thoughts on this flight!


The ride to Singapore
The Neo that took us to KL (went there and back in the same day)
On the return flight to Madrid, my uncle (he’s a doctor) had to take care of a ill Passenger (almost emergency landed), and to thank him, they letted us enter the cockpit!

Congrats, you made it to the end!
Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed the photo spam haha!



beautiful photos congratulations

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Haha, I just arrived to Hong Kong from Paris in a 777-300ER Cathay Pacific flight. And I chosed the same meals as you exactly in the same order, I have to agree the food was pretty decent except that my pork was a bit chewy ( not sure about you ). Nice wing shots :)


Well, the texture of the Pork was the same when cooked (in restaurants) in Portugal and Spain, but everyone has its own opinions and tastes. Thanks for the comment!

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Thanks for the nice words Remulo!

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What’s the total flight time?

It was supposed to be 12h35mins, but it was 12h30mins

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