Trip Report I Frontier Airlines I KDEN - KSNA

Hello all of you beautiful forum peeps. I thought I’d stop by and share my most recent flight onboard F9267 → KDEN - KSNA. If you enjoyed it or have any productive feedback, please drop a comment below. Enjoy the show!

[6:01 AM]

I arrived at the airport and was quickly processed through bridge security. If you check that map above the security is a checkpoint just prior to entering the pedestrian bridge that connects Jeppsen Terminal to the other three concourses.

[6:46 AM]
I boarded the aircraft and found my seat—14A.

My flight was set to depart at 7:00 A.M. out of gate A36. The flight crew were incredibly nice and the Captain stood in the cockpit doorway, greeting pax alongside a very attractive female FA.

(The ownership of this photo goes to me. If you’d like to reproduce or use in any context please ask for permission first)
The flight departed ontime with no hitches off of Runway 25.

[7:11 AM]

We soared out of the beautiful airport and were on our way to Orange County! :)
Enjoy the following photos I took.

[8:20 AM]
The inflight service commenced and I purchased a coffee. The FA was very sweet and gave me some creamer for free.

Rating System For Inflight:

Seat: 2/5 As much as I love Frontier Airlines, even I have to agree that the seats leave some comfort to spare. They are fine on 1.5 hr long flights and even 2 hour flights. But I pity the rear ends of those who fly over 2.5 hours.
Beverages: 4/5 The coffee loses a point due to the price. For the quality of the coffee it is decent but compared to other airlines it is a bit pricey.
Inflight Service: 5/5 The flight attendants joked around and were very talkative to passengers.
Pilot Skills: 4/5 The flying was incredible except for the landing. I’m not sure if it’s because of KSNA but we came down on the landing harder than the norm and all of us felt it.
Friendliness: 5/5

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Enjoy :)


Nice pictures! My favorite is the sunrise one. I do believe that airport map is quite outdated. I know for a fact that SWA has all of C-Con minus a 3 gates. One of which belongs to Alaska. But that’s besides the point. Just a random little note. 😁


It is outdated but I was just showing the map for security checkpoints :). Thanks for commenting though. It means a lot my friend.


Your trip reports, and spotting topics are always great to see. I look forward to seeing more 👍


Nice pictures! How much extra fees did you pay? (just wondering)

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I paid no extra fees :)

Thank you my friend :)

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Really??? Surprising!!! WOW that’s good news for the next time I look into booking with them! Did you have luggage? Cause I heard luggage is $80

The reason I had no fees is because I didn’t purchase luggage options or a seat. Now not purchasing a seat or getting a middle seat in the last three rows is $0 so no fee.
A typical luggage fee is $25-$30 so it will never ever be $80 unless you have more then one person.

Yeah with a family of 4 with 2 people who really want window seats and need at least 2 carry ons what would that add up to?

In fees? Dang dude I’m on the airlines side in this but you’d have to pay over $100 just for bags and seats. I can’t help you there.

Oh man oh man. That’s too much…:(

KSNA’s main runway is only 5,700 feet. They’d have to plant it pretty firmly not to overshoot. It’s no exception for the other airliners that fly in there.


Okay I knew it probably wasn’t the pilots’ fault but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the information :) that’s interesting.

I understand this is a Frontier review… what does pilot skills (based on the landing, not a good criteria IMO) have to do with the wha airline? Just saying.

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@nicochile2 So your goal is to troll the forum everyday. Come on man, be wise and enjoy the ride here instead of contemplating and monday quarterbacking everyone’s posts! Be fair will ya ;)


I am just commenting and asking a question for the OP, not trying to troll anybody. I thought the pictures were very good (much better than other wing photos that I have seen in this forum) and the review was exceptionally detailed. I love it :) I just have a natural tendency to try to correct small errors within a larger ‘success’ or good quality stuff. I am enjoying. After all, if I weren’t I would just leave.

Understood, and the OP clearly stated that the flight was exceptional except for the landing which was his honest assessment ;)

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Due to frontier’s large expansion on routes and aircraft they have been getting more pilots and that means less experience.

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Thank you for your help sir :)

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