[Trip Report] Houston to Doha // QTR 714 // Q-Suite

Hey everyone! Today I got to fly from Houston, TX to Doha, Qatar. This was a very special trip because it was my first time in business class, first long haul, and first time out of the Americas.

QTR 714
Airbus A350-1041 (A7-ANF)


Before we got on the plane, we arrived at IAH 2 hours early. Check in was breezy since we were in business class, and we got to stay in IAH’s “Executive Lounge.” The lounge wasn’t too flattering, but it was nice. I had a few sodas, and roamed Terminal D, looking at airplanes.


When I boarded the plane, I immediately felt welcome. The crew were very helpful in getting everyone seated. I was in seat 1K, which is one of the rear facing seats. The moment I sat down, I knew this would be a flight to remember.

My flight attendant came and introduced herself, gave me a tour of the seat, and offered me a pre-flight beverage. I ordered their mint special, which was very enjoyable.

She came back again to give me my pajamas, then served my beverage. Once I had my drink, I laid back and relaxed as we prepared for pushback.

The Flight

The flight left a little early. We taxied to runway 15L, and departed East. Shortly after departure, I plugged my complimentary noise cancelling headphones in, and started a movie.

While in flight, my flight attendant came by and took my meal order. I ordered a chicken dish (forgot exactly what it was called), which was served with bread and an orangeade.

She also took my dessert order:

Both the dinner and dessert were good, and I cleaned my plate.

Shortly after finishing dinner, I went to the bathroom to change into my pajamas (I’ll add a picture of the luxurious bathroom when I take one on my connecting flight). The amenities were almost excessive and included body sprays, hand lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a shaving kit.

When I got to my seat, my flight attendant made my bed, and I finished my movie while laying in the surprising comfortable fully flat seat.

After my movie was over, I checked our flight path and saw that we were about a quarter of the way over the North Atlantic. I ran into our first officer and I had a nice short chat with him before I went to go brush my teeth.

I put on some music when I got back to my seat and gazed out the window. Since there was literally no light pollution, all I could see were stars. It was quite lovely actually. Shortly thereafter, I went to sleep.

When I woke up, we were approaching France, and I could see the sun rising in the horizon.

I changed back into my regular clothes and ordered breakfast, which was an omelet with some beef, served with orange juice, and a selection of bread.

The omelet was a little cold, and the beef was, well, what you’d expect beef on a plane to taste like (was still good tho).

I chilled in my seat and watched our flight path navigate over Iraq, and got a stunning view of some mountains.

We descended into Doha, and landed pretty hard due to gusty winds. Shortly thereafter, we pulled up to the gate, and the 13hour flight was completed!

Overall Experience

This was a very very very nice flight. Qatar really knows how to make you feel like royalty, and now I really don’t think I ever want to sit in economy again 😂

My flight attendant was incredible. She had a great attitude, and regularly checked on me to ensure I enjoyed my flight.

Service: 10/10

The seat was comfortable, with a lot of leg room. As a tall person, I found it very accommodating. However, if you’re one to toss and turn while trying to sleep (like me), there’s not a lot of room to do that. But, I still slept, which never happens to me on a plane, so that’s nice.

Seat: 8/10

The food was good for the most part, except for the fact that my omelet was a little cold.

Food: 8/10

Probably the worst part about this flight was the weather. Obviously, no one can control that, so it really doesn’t count towards the overall rating of the flight. I will say though, trying to fall asleep while North Atlantic winds are shaking the plane like crazy is not easy.

Weather: 3/10

Finally, the In Flight Entertainment. While the movie and TV show selection is large, not a lot of them appealed to me, which is fine. They did have Interstellar, which was fun to watch.

IFE: 8/10

Overall, I loved this flight and can not wait to board my connecting flight to Bangalore! I give this flight an A Rating!

Thanks for reading!


Everyone’s dream 😂

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My mom told my dad this when he was booking our flights to Europe. She will only sit in Premium eco or higher 😂

Great report! Q suite is on my list to try atleast once!

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Sounds like an amazing flight! It’s my dream to fly Q Suites someday

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Nice Trip report mate! We should have more of this on the community ;)

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Dude awesome :) Glad you enjoyed, getting nostalgic. I loved the blanket so much i may or may not have snatched one and I sleep with it every night haha

Dude. Okay. So the first time I flew biz was on EK to India in 2017. It was amazing obviously and life changing. My dad always quotes Steve Harvey. In one of his shows, he said:

“if you fly first class once, the next time you bookin a flight, you’ll find yourself looking at first class seats”

its very true. Its hard to go back after such an experience, and now we have the habit of looking at biz class seats for long hauls.
I enjoyed this trip review, reminded me of my time in Qsuites! Also be thankful you didn’t have a BOB (baby On BOard) We had a baby who would NOT stop crying. Cried in total for like at least 8 hours on and off if i had to guess. Somehow I still slept though. Also did you find out about the duvets/mattresses? Because they gave us some on EK but for some reason i just went to sleep without one and the seat was kinda scratchy but when I woke up I realized they had duvets and I couldv’e just asked (i did later) I hope you didnt make the same mistake I did.

Nice trip report! Too bad you didnt get A7-ANG (my bird)
Also, you’re lucky you got a window seat :( and what plane did you take to Bangalore?

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Sorry for the very late reply 😂

77W. I prefer the A350 when it comes to the Q-Suites since the product is slightly better.

Yep! I asked my flight attendant to make my bed, and she added a mattress 🙂

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