Trip Report: Heading home to the Mile High City on 9/15/18

Hello! Trip report time! Today I am usinh the format suggested by @Mags885, with a little different touch.

So this trip was about me visiting my grandfather, and this was a family trip. This was the conclusion of a 4 day, 3 night trip to the Valley of The Sun. It was mid afternoon, and our flight left at about 4:00 pm MST that day. The weather that day was a nice and toasty 109°F. I was traveling with my mom and aunt.

I went smoothly thru skycap check in, and the agent was very nice. Security was smooth and hassle-free, and before you know it, I was on a moving walkway towards my gate. 20180915_144159
Our plane, N475WN pulled up to our gate, C16, as WN3675 from Sacramento. This was also my flight number. 20180915_145344 Not after long, we were boarding and I snagged seat 16F (A window seat)
That 737-800 was flying to Denver later. We pushed back about 3 minutes early and taxiied towards runway 25R.
We rapidly accelerated and passed Nevada One (N727SW) 20180915_160749 We bypassed the Phoenix skyline and accelrated towards 39,000 feet.
Before you knew it, it was drink and snack service time. I ate some M and M’s that I had leftover from earlier in the week, some pretzels, a sprite, and a bottle of water.

Not long after, We began our decent and passed APA, and came in for approach towards runway 16R. Landing was smooth, and taxiied towards gate C23.

Here is a picture for @DeerCrusher, who loves those C23 Views 😉20180915_183613

I couldn’t get another picture, as the jetway was so long. Thank you for reading this report! How did you think I did on this one?

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I didn’t know about any of it till now… 😂

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RIP Southwest peanuts 😢😢😢


You were flying N475WN operating as WN3675 from PHX-DEN on September 15, correct?

Because according to FR24, your flight diverted to KQQH! XD

I’m pretty sure that is not the case. XD

Anyways, great report!

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Nice job, Phoenix is a favorite airport for me.

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Yeah FR24 is weird sometimes byt we didn’t divert to QQH. Just a glitch. And you got all the info correct @BigBert10

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Thank you all for the feedback! I appreciate it! :)

I saw this sign, and thought it was hilarious!

I forgot to add it in

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