TRIP REPORT: Frontier Flight 672 | Denver to Myrtle Beach

Hello everyone, welcome to my second trip report. Please enjoy.

The Aircraft

Airline:Frontier Airlines

Type: Airbus A320 NEO

Registration: N313FR

The Trip

We arrived at Denver International Airport at 4:35 AM about 2 hours early in some intense fog

Facing Jeppesen Terminal from East Economy Lot

We then went to check our bags at the Frontier desk, but due to severe understaffing on Frontier’s part, the line to check bags took nearly 30 minutes, leaving us with about an hour until our flight. We hurried through security and boarded our 6:39 flight at 6:25 AM

Seat 15A

Most ULCC’s are known for their lack of basic amenities, and Frontier is no exception. Even the brand new A320 NEO I was on lacked leg room, reclining seats, and IFE. The drink and food service also cost extra for anything but a water.

The flight departed on time at 6:39 AM on runway 34R, with a very turbulent 2:43 en route to Myrtle Beach, where we landed ahead of schedule on runway 18.


Flight: 4/5, a bit turbulent, but good nonetheless.

Airport: 5/5, Denver Airport was as expected, but I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and nice Myrtle Beach Airport was and how easy it was to navigate, very good.

In-Flight Ammenities: 0/5, almost nonexistent.

Overall: 4.5, Very good experience overall, would fly Frontier again!

More Photos

Our view for most of the flight, clouds

SPOILER ALERT: We’re beginning our descent

Downtown Myrtle Beach seen while on final.

Parked at the gate, strangely with our flaps still extended.

Thanks for reading!


I was on vacation and we were picking someone up at myrtle and I believe I saw your plane!

Wouldn’t your number ratings average out to 3/5? 😏


It’s a weighted average 😉

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Next gate that United Airline

Do you have a pic of the seat?

What are you trying to say?

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It’s too small


Oh, my frontier flight had a IFE, however it was smaller than an iPod (what even is an iPod? Lol) and it costed 10 bucks!

Nice report, regarding the above i’ve read that depending on the OAT flaps can be left in position 1 to prevent air bleed temperature warnings from the bleed ducts on the airbus wings, not all airlines follow it though

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I wanted to make a trip report of my recent flight but couldn’t since I have no images taken…but it was a scary one.

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