Trip Report | Frontier A320 (Economy)

Hey IFC! Today I made a trip report on my flight from Las Vegas McCarran to Orange County! I flew on one of Frontier’s older A320s and the Sheldon the Sea Turtle livery! So without going on too long, here are the pictures I got!
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Aircraft/Registration: Frontier A320 (N210FR)
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 54 minutes
Class: Economy

My flight for today Frontier Flight 438 with nonstop service to Orange County

Holding short runway 19L at McCarran

Taking off out of a busy Las Vegas Airport

Flying over the Mojave Desert towards SNA

Passing over the San Gabriel Mts with Big Bear City in the distance

Now descending along side the Santa Ana Mts as we prepare for our final turn

On final for runway 20R at SNA

Seconds from touching down in Orange County!

Taxiing to Terminal C as our FA makes an announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Orange County Int’l Airport. The local time is 2:43pm with the temperature here in Santa Ana being 92 degrees. If you need to pick up any luggage today please go to baggage claim 5. We hope you enjoyed your flight, and thank you for choosing Frontier.

Our plane sitting at gate 21 awaiting its return flight to Las Vegas McCarran

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Thanks for stopping by!


wheres the tag? Lol jk.

Anyway cool pictures! I didn’t think you were allowed to switch seats mid flight… 🤔


Well everyone else does IRL so I can here 😁
Seriously though walking through the plane and recording everything while being watched. That’s the last thing I want to do 😂

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even on the assigned seats airlines?
Imagine having assinged seats

Happy SWA noises

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What? Like being able to pick what seat you want ahead of time? Yeah, I can imagine that

Thanks for giving it a 1 @Anthony_Williams.
That’s right I called you out lol

heavy breathing intensifies
you are most welcome, good photo’s. don’t let the compliment go to your head

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It won’t because of that horrible rating

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Great post and great pictures, Jacob! Btw they sometimes let me sit in the jump seat on final :) and also 20 feet outside the aircraft

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That’s cool!

Do people hate Frontier or was this just a stupid idea? 😂

I don’t think this was a stupid idea, I love it! In fact, I used to do these. And great shots, wing views are the best!

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Ok thanks 😂

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frontier isnt that bad its either a bad reputation of the “other low cost carrier” or its something else

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Yeah idk what it is 😂
I think this is the best Frontier livery in IF