Trip Report from Rome to London (Realistic Edits)


Route: LIRF - EGLL
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 2:18
Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: A319
Callsign: Speedbird 350IG

  1. First up, I’m parked up at gate whilst @SammyDoesGaming is getting ready to taxi.

  2. I am holding short of Runway 25 whilst Sammy is about to take off

  3. Goodbye Rome 🇮🇹 👋

  4. Over the mountains, astonishing scenery!

  5. Touchdown at Heathrow, landing wasn’t too shabby

  6. Parked at gate, passengers all safe!

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Beautiful photos mate! 😍❤️

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Thank you! ❤️

Excellent report mate! I can’t wait for the next one!

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Thank you and soon! 😊 Wanna see how this one goes