Trip report from Paris to Manila via Hong Kong ( Part 2 )

Hello everyone and welcome to Hong Kong International Airport ! I just got off an 11 hour flight from Paris CDG on Cathay’s 777 and I am continuing onwards to Manila onboard their A330-300 .

  • First of all the transit experience was perfect, 20 mins after arrival I had passed through immigration and security. I felt quite emotional walking into the enormous terminal because it had been almost four years since I was last here and it was nice to see Hong Kong was starting to regain it’s old glory .

  • After spending a couple of hours in the Plaza Premium Lounge catching up some sleep, it was time to make my way to gate 61 for our flight. And here is our bird, an Airbus A330-343, registered B-HLP .

  • And here is our seat for this short haul regional service : 43H. On it, I received a pair of headphones and legroom was also comfortable.

  • With a slight 10 mins delay we took off into the late morning Hong Kong sky .

  • I was really tired due to only sleeping 1 hour or so during the first leg but I managed to stay awake and to receive my meal which was a bottle of water alongside a chicken rice dish.

  • I ended up sleeping for the rest of the flight and I was awoken by the captain announcing our descent into Manila.

  • Touchdown in Manila !

Crew : 8/10 Friendly and efficient
Seat/Cabin : 8/10 Although the seat is quite dated it is still comfortable especially for a flight of this duration
Food: 9/10 Good food and good portions also perfect for this type of flight.

Well guys this is it, thanks for reading Part 2 of this trip that in total ( including transit) lasted 27 hours . If you are interested in the long haul leg, check out part 1 that is also available on the IFC.


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