Trip report from Paris to Manila via Hong Kong ( Part 1 )

Hello guys and welcome to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ! Today, we’re taking a flight from Paris to Manila via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific on their 777 and A330. It’s been 3 years since I last flew on Cathay and I am pretty excited to see how is the experience after the pandemic .

  • Check-in process was smooth and in no time, I made my way through immigration and customs . What I like about Terminal 1 in CDG is their beautiful infrastructure. I took this shot whilst walking from the main building to the satellite gates .

  • And here is our bird : B-KPQ, a 777-367(ER) bringing us to HKG .

  • We then boarded this beautiful beast ! Here is my seat for the next 11 hours : 40A. A pillow and blanket were waiting for me but unfortunately no amenity kit ( what was I expecting it’s economy). The seat features a nice ajustable headrest and coat hook. The legroom is also pretty decent .

  • Unfortunately due to problems at French immigration, 45 passengers were late and we eventually departed almost an hour late. It was also a shame that it was raining that day in Paris so we were not blessed with the Parisian scenery during takeoff .

  • An hour after takeoff, cabin crew started handing out peanuts, menus, and water bottles.

  • On a slightly negative note, crew were pretty slow during the first meal service and almost two hours and a half after takeoff, I finally received my meal . With a choice of pork, chicken or veggie, I went for the French chicken. Honestly, it’s nice to have metal cutlery in economy and portions were pretty decent . Quality wise though : Excellent !! ( I was pretty upset because I ended up spilling half of the sauce into my white shirt, silly me 😒 ) .

  • After that I decided to check out the IFE. Wi-Fi costs 9.95 USD per hour and 19.95 USD for the whole flight and if you ask me, those are fair prices. Anyways, Cathay Pacific offers a large selection of movies, TV shows and much more, including a tail view camera but unfortunately no live TV like Turkish or Emirates .

  • Very quickly, as we left the Turkish airspace the sun started to set and I made myself comfortable for bed. Unfortunately since I was still stuck in French timezone I only slept for an 1 hour. Here is a shot from the Inflight map as we left the Caucasian airspace .

  • Since I was quite hungry I ordered some cup noodles as a midnight snack. Crew were very nice as they brought complimentary snacks like granola bars, shortbreads and crackers .

  • An hour before landing, breakfast was served and I went with the chicken congee with mushrooms. It was very good and filling. I was served a warm bread, alongside a fruit platter and a French yoghurt .

  • And after 10 hours the sun started to rise and we began our descent into HKG .

  • As we left the aircraft, I got a quick glimpse of the business class cabin, with a 1-2-1 configuration.

  • And there we go, welcome to Hong Kong International Airport after a 11 hour flight on the 777.
    Conclusion :
    Crew : 7.5/10 they were nice, helpful and friendly although the service was quite slow during lunch.
    Food : 9/10 Excellent food, good quality and big portions. It was also very nice to have a colored menu that reminds me a lot of business class .
    Seat/Cabin : 9/10 A standard modern 777 seat with good features, decent recline and legroom. The cabin was also very clean.

Overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend Cathay Pacific. Sure it has lost a bit of its old glory but it’s still a very good airline with a good soft and hard product . To enhance the experience, I would suggest a small amenity kit with the essentials like on Turkish Airlines or Emirates .

Thank you all for reading this and stay tuned for part 2 where I will fly from HKG to MNL on Cathay’s Airbus A330 in economy.


Very nice trip report! I look forward to the next one!


Glad you enjoyed your flight on Cathay. They have improved a lot from their previous condition following COVID!

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Yeah for sure !!

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