Trip Report from DFW to ORD to HPN :)

Hey guys! This is my first topic post so I hope I don’t mess up…

So I originally was supposed to be going to HPN via DCA but as I was checking in, my flight to DCA got canceled. I got put onto a flight to ORD and so here we have it, some very high quality pics 👌

AA2812 (N836NN)
I didn’t get a window seat since this was the only seat available, got upgraded to MCE for free 😎

(Those are only pics I have…)

AA3226 (N760EV)
I was seated in 11A this time, right before the emergency exit (also was rebooked to this seat.) Took me quite a while to realize why my seat wouldn’t recline lol

Boarding the small crj 700

Suprisingly, we were given drinks and snacks on this 2 hour and 14 minute flight

My plane parked at the small terminal in White Plains.

Hope you enjoyed, I might be making a spotting topic soon if you guys want, thanks!


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