Trip Report: Frankfurt(EDDF)-Brussels(EBBR)

Welcome back with another all-photo trip report! Today we’re flying within Western Europe flying between two great countries, Germany and Belgium. Specifically Frankfurt to Brussels.


Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Livery/Airline: Brussels Airlines
Flight Time: 55 Minutes

A busy one at FRA today.

Our plane.

Wheels up! See ya next time Germany.

Somewhere along the border between Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium.

Blue skies all the way to Belgium!! There’s also another plane in the shot somewhere!

Tower upon landing at BRU

Somewhat calm here in Brussels.

That wraps this trip report up! A plane spotting one should be coming next so stay tuned for that. Have a good day!!


As a Brussels Airlines lover this is beautiful to see. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

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Very nice pics!!! :)

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