Trip Report for the Return flight to Manchester, NH (TL;DR)

Okay Everyone, get ready to read a veeeery long paragraph of boring content.
You’ve been warned ;)

First Leg: Cleveland to Baltimore
I got up around 9am, and my cousin was to drop me off at CLE at around 10:30am. We went to the airport and I arrived at the airport on time. My flight was departing at Noon. We hung out for a bit near the Ticket counters, where there was a Subway.
I then finally bid farewell, and I told him to try and manage his time at College, as his Dad told me he would occasionally stress out a bit due to College work. We then parted ways and I went through security. I arrived on time and we departed to Baltimore. Apon Descending, the flight got very rough, and occasionally the plane fell a couple of feet or we went up and down fast, like a roller coaster. We landed at BWI early, but our gate was occupied, so we had to wait… and waitand waitand wait. I think I took more videos of planes landing as we waited than the time it took us to taxi to our gate. Our plane finally moved, but we then stopped again, as once again, our gate was still in use.
I filmed some more planes taking off and landing, and then FINALLY we moved once again, but not to our initial gate. We taxied to Gate A3, which was at the Other side of the Concourse A.
It was Ironic since that was the same gate I used when I went to Cleveland.

I got off the plane and went about the airport. I was to do one thing, and that was to Catch the Elusive Boeing 737-MAX8!

See pictures below for the MAX8!

I headed to Gate B14, where it was that gate were the MAX8 would be arriving in. I Legit waited an hour or so just to see it. As I waited, I filmed and photographed the various airplanes that came into BWI.
It got to the point where It was getting so busy, that I saw about four airplanes in Queue coming into land.

Finally, I saw the tall tale signs of the MAX8 on my Camera, and it was the new Split Winglets that the MAX 8 had on the plane. It landed, and then taxied to the gate. I was so excited when I saw the MAX8, as one came into Cleveland when I arrived on Thursday, but was so tired to go see it.

I wanted to go inside sooo badly and tour the MAX8, but I didn’t bother asking, because I didn’t want to bother them.

After that, I then headed to my next gate: B4.

Before all of this, we had to go to the very top of the Parking Garage at CLE, and so, I got a glance of Concourse D. That concourse was very empty, since United decided to pull out of Concourse D and consolidat all Operations into Concourse C. It was like an Eye sore, since it’s just sitting there not being used. UA still pays the Rent for that concourse until 2025

Arriving into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Took a picture of the Tower

Caught this Frontier A321 at CLE. @SkyHighGuys this is for you :)

United Airlines occupied the very end of Concourse C

Concourse D

A jetway waiting patiently for a plane to come, unknown that one will never come dock at it any time soon

What a sight to see! A SW 737-700 in the Original Colors!

After passing Security

N475WN, A Boeing 737-700 docked at Gate B7 at Cleveland

N636AE A Piedmont Airlines (dba American Eagle) ERJ145 at the gate at CLE

**N809CA, A SkyWest (dba Delta Connection) CRJ200 at Concourse A

N711HK A Southwest Airlines in the OG livery taxiing to the Runway for Departure

N918XJ An Endover Air (dba Delta Connection) CRJ900 Taxiing to the Gate at CLE

Takeoff, and Ascent to Cruising Altitude

Right after Departing from Cleveland

Breaking out of the clouds

Such a beautiful picture of the sky during crusie

Descending into BWI

It got very Turbulent as we descended into Baltimore

BWI airport from a distance

On final

We landed and taxied to the gate, only for us to wait for our gate to open for about 20 minutes

BWI is a really busy airport

Better Picture

We taxied again, but stopped short of our gate. Spotted some more

Taxiing to Concourse A for our new Gate. Here is a Southwest 737 we passed

A Southwest 737-800/Scimitar parked at Gate A5

We parked next to this SW 738

Our plane being Serviced, with a Delta MD88 taking off in the Background

I then walked to Gate B14 to see the MAX8 come in

A Southwest 737 seen landing at BWI

I saw this DC-10 in the background. It seemed to have been Operated by World Airways. Such a sad sight to see a DC-10 like this. Looks like it’ll never fly again anytime soon…

A Spirit Airlines A320 Taxiing to Concourse D

What a busy day, three planes at once! The 73M8 was behind the 737 on Final

And with all it’s glory, the MAX8 made its Final Approach into BWI

There she is in all it’s glory!

N8710M, A Boeing 737-MAX8 Operated by Southwest

Such a beautiful airplane!

Docked at Gate A14

The Sexy Fuel Efficient Engine

The unique part about the MAX8, which is it’s split winglets

I Then packed up and headed to my next Gate, which was B4

Second Leg: Baltimore to Manchester (With a twist)

I then proceeded to Gate B4. Along the way, I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts as I haven’t had breakfast yet.

I got to my Gate on time, the plane was sitting there and that was a different flight, which was headed to Cincinnati, Ohio. As I waited, I did what I like to do which is film various airplanes landing, and take photos as well.

As the Cincinnati Flight left, I was wondering if we were going to be delayed, since Manchester was having bad weather (Freezing Rain). As the time got near to board, our plane arrived.

Now here is where it Gets Interesting, so Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Ok, So everyone lines up to board the plane, and at the last minute, BAM!, The Flight is changed to Cleveland!
Apparently, the plane that was at Gate B6, was supposed to take them to Cleveland, but the plane had to undergo maintenance. And so, everyone who lined up to go to Manchester had to go back and sit down, everyone was confused, even the Pilots were as well! They basically took the plane away from us lol.

I went to the Customer Service desk and they were so confused at to what was going on, they couldn’t answer many people’s question as to why they gave our plane to the people headed to Cleveland.

We were legit about to board a flight to Cleveland. I just CAME FROM THERE NOT TOO LONG AGO! Heck I’d love to go back right now to see my cousin again lol

The Cleveland flight boarded and we got delayed from 4pm, to 5pm. I took the time to go to the restroom. When I got out, the plane was pushing back.
There goes our plane to Cleveland, which was supposed to take us to Manchester.

Apparently, one of the Pilots on the plane was so upset, he came out and gave a bit of an attitude to a Customer Service Rep. I didn’t hear it though, as it was just a thing I heard, or I assume he was just mumbling things to the CSR.

So here we are, waiting. Our Gate was still B4, but there was a possibility we would be moved to Gate B6, where the Broken plane was.
Fortunately, we didn’t go to B6, instead, to make things better (or worse), we had to walk Across the Terminal to Gate A8, which was all the way in the other side of the Terminal in Concourse A.
I happen to speak to the Captain of our flight. We chatted, along with the First Officer. They looked at the photos I had and were very impressed. They also happen to have flown on a MAX8, and told me that it flies like butter on toast. I Showed them Infinite Flight and were interested in the sim. I showed them a screenshot of one of the Friday Night Flight we had when IFATC Opened up in Mexico, and they recognized the plane I used (I flew an Aeromexico 788 from Tijuana to Mexico City). I had to cut it short since we all had to go to Gate A8.

As we got to Gate A8, they had no crew on the plane, and we got delayed until 5:05pm, so the Crew had time to settle in and we started to board. I was in the B group, and was lazy and didn’t upgrade to an A boarding position (Cuz money. That’s why)

We boarded and pushed back.
Our flight was 1hr and 32mins late
(Note that when we flew into CLE in 2015, we flew AA. All our flights were delayed or cancelled.)

We taxied to the runway and departed. This flight was eerily similar to last week’s flight I took from MHT-BWI.
We departed to New Hampshire. As we ascended to our Cruising Altitude, everything was normal, but as we approached MHT, it got turbulent, as like the last flight to BWI, Service was suspended and half the Passengers didn’t receive their drinks or food (The Irony of how similar my flight to BWI was compared to my return flight to Manchester. It was just so similar to when I flew MHT-BWI last week)

As we started our descent into Manchester, we again got hit by Moderate to somewhat severe turbulence along the way. One of my seatmates was getting a bit anxious, so I told her not to worry, as the airplane is capable of withstanding Turbulence, and then told her how an airplane works and how we were going to be vectored to land at a runway and more Aviation related stuff. She calmed down and asked my many questions about how a plane works and I answered her questions the best I can.
The plane was shaking left to right and was going up and down, like a roller coaster. Eventually, we broke out of the clouds and the Captain came on to inform that Manchester had better weather than earlier (Thankfully).

We then entered Final and landed. We taxied to Gate 12 and we got off and I was able to come home safely.

I got some keychains from Cleveland for me, my mom, and a couple of friends.

Enjoy the Photos!

Our ride to Manchester, NH. Flight is still on time

Lol, nope. Our plane was then used to take passengers to Cleveland

Sad to see Virgin America go, but was nice to see one of their A320’s in BWI

Announcement came on about our Gate change, and we all then proceeded to go to Gate A8

Our Ride to Manchester, NH

Here is a SW 737 going to Providence, RI

Since I got the B group, I found a seat near the Overwing exits.

We had a very long pushback since we couldn’t turn around

Unfortunately, my camera can’t seem to work in the night, so I filmed instead

After departing BWI

Somewhere over New York

It got very Turbulent, It was impossible to take pictures. So, I filmed instead

Descending into New Hampshire!

We landed in Manchester, and then taxied to the Gate.

Nice how the wing is not blurred, but the ground is due to us moving

Our plane at the Gate, being Serviced

I didn’t know MHT had Catering Services for Southwest. It was very interesting seeing a Catering Truck here at MHT.

I then Proceeded to exit and took some more pictures and went home

If you read all of this, awesome!

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!


Nice shots good job and nice catch Southwest in orginal livery that’s a sight


Ever wonder what Airlines serve MHT? Here are some Miscellaneous photos I took:

Southwest Ticket Counter

Tampa, FL (TPA)
Orlando, FL (MCO)
Baltimore, MD (BWI)
Chicago, IL (MDW)

American Airlines Ticket Counter

Charlotte, NC (CLT)
Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
Washington D.C (DCA)

Delta Airlines Ticket Counter

Detroit, MI (DTW)
Atlanta, GA (ATL)
New York (LGA)

United Airlines Ticket Counter

Newark, NJ (EWR)
Chicago, IL (ORD)

If you ever need to fly out, fly Manchester the next time you fly!


Extremely nice collection! I loved those shots! I think, on the picture “BWI from a distance” you caught a plane in the air, almost right in the middle of the picture!

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Great report! Really interesting to see how the second leg turned out to really be. Wish I could fly more often. But other than that this was very interesting! 10/10 on this one

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@Matt737 I just checked and you’re right! What an amazing observation you made!

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I was looking to see if there were any planes on final and I saw that one! Neat!

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Nice report and great photos. I love the twists and turns of flying commercially. Keep up the good work!

Great photos…great post.

Am I correct in stating that you came in on 33L at BWI? The approach would have been the airport (which you have a photo of, and Baltimore City on the right), and the Chesapeake Bay on your left coming from the north…then you probably experienced a nice hard right turn to go north towards the airport, following I-97 and crossing over Route 100 (which I think your BWI final photo is of)? I’m sorry @anon66442947 and I couldn’t meet and party with you at the airport…

Also - MHT…It would take me more fingers than I have on my two hands to count how many times I’ve been delayed flying out of there to sit in that one bar/restaurant that is near the Southwest gates.


Wow that DC10…why… ;(

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I know, it’s a sad sight to see. I hope maybe one day someone will come in and save the plane

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Here is the story about the DC-10 at BWI: (@Daniel_Cerritos & @AnikaitD)


It really is a sad sight to see this DC-10 like this. Even one of the pilots said she would fly again. Thanks for sharing @Grizpac, I never thought a flight would force the DC-10 to retire early.


Well Done Dan or is it Danielle! Get rid of that girly mime it’s distracting LOL


@Grizpac. I remember this Incidant at BWI, I worked the Ramp there for AmWest just after I retired the first time. When I left DC 10 years ago the hulk was still there. A sad reminder that aircrew are only human…Max


Thanks for sharing those awesome shots @Daniel_Cerritos xD

What part of the post was funny? Just curious

Did not see anything particularly “funny”, I just like the trip report and the shots you took on your way :)

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Very cool pictures, I loved the 737 MAX 😍

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