Trip Report for Miami to Manchester, NH

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all having a good day today!

Normally I’d do the Outgoing trip from Manchester to Miami, but I though since I just flew in from MIA yesterday, that I’d do a trip report on it instead on here.

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Trip Report Flight 1 of 2 (KMIA-KCLT) AA148 | Airbus A321S

3:00AM | I got up at 3am, and I was just tired, but I did at least get 5.5hrs of sleep, as I went to sleep around 10:30 the night before.
My Uncle took me to the Airport, and it was not that busy at 3am. My gate was D5, so I went into Door 4 and checked in, and then headed to Checkpoint 1.

I passed TSA no issues, and headed to my Gate. Most of the stores were closed, so I was a bit sad since I wanted to buy keychains for my friends and my Mom.
I arrived early, as there was no one there yet except for a few people. Since I was in an airport with High security, I had to be careful about taking pictures of planes.
I was really dark, so I couldn’t see the Registration of our plane since the plane was parked facing NNE (and how the gate was positioned as well).

Boarding came, and the funny thing is, the PA system was not working (lol), so the Desk Reps had to yell (Not literally yell), our Groups. I was in Group 7. I boarded and used my Apple Watch via Passbook (really cool and makes you look cool) and it was a nearly full flight to Charlotte. It took about 2-3mins for me to board and get to my seat.
I happen to sit right next to a Pilot!. It was awesome, and apparently he was flying to Charlotte go fill in a flight from CLT-IND. he was a Captain with about 5,000 hours on him. I left him alone though, since he was busy enjoying the IFE’s our plane had.

Pushback, Taxi, and Departure
We pushed back on time and taxied to the Runway. We taxied right next to a hanger, where there was a Boeing 767-300 undergoing maintenance (N385AM). As we taxied, we passed various other airliners that American owns. I also saw what looks like an American Airlines Boeing 767-300 in the One World Livery.
An American 767 wearing the One World Livery alongside a 777-200ER
as we waited to takeoff, many airliners landed, as well as a 77W that landed in front of us (really cool).
We departed and were on our way to Charlotte.
Taken after taking off from Miami International Airport

Cruise, Descent, and landing
We cruised at FL350, and since the sun was on our side, I had to close the window shade. But I was awe seeing the Inflight Entertainment Screen. I never flown on a Mainline American plane that had IFE on the back of the seat. I decided to watch Finding Nemo because, why not?
Inflight service then started. I asked for a Coca Cola beverage, and since it was under 2 hours, we only got Biscoff cookies (Not sure if they’re biscuits or cookies). I didn’t eat breakfast, so this was my breakfast for the day.
Watching Finding Nemo along with the food and beverage I asked for
It was a very smooth flights with bumps here and there. I really liked the IFE’s screen. it was nice and big and the touchscreen responded quickly.
We then started our descent into Charlotte somewhere in South Carolina. As we descended, I decided to stop the movie and do my filming for my trip report.
As we got closer, another airplane came into view in the Horizon. It was an American Eagle ERJ145 joining us on Final. It was such an awesome sight to see another plane landing with us :)
In the distance, and American Eagle ERJ145 is seen landing parallel to our airplane

We landed, but I saw a line of airplane waiting to cross Runway 36C. We taxied and waited.
We followed a B737 that was taxiing ahead of us and crossed RWY36C and taxied to our gate, right next to the Same 737 we followed.

Trip Report Flight 2 of 2 (KCLT-KMHT) JIA5089 | CRJ900

We arrived about 8 minutes early, but my next flight boards in 57mins. I thought of just going to the gate, but I went to the restroom and then onto my next gate. I saw many airplanes, but there were two that stood out, and they both were in Heritage Liveries.
I decided at the last minute before going to my gate to explore Concourse D for a small bit to see if I can catch some heavies. I was surprised to see that no heavies were present, as only small, narrowbody airliners were at the gates.
An American Airlines A321 in the US Airways Heritage Livery. Only surviving US Airways airplane
An American Airlines A319 in the Piedmont Livery

I then headed to my Gate, taking quick pictures along the way. I arrived 13 minutes before boarding began, and then waited for boarding to begin
boarding began 13 minutes later, and since I had a Roller bag carry on, I had to Gate Check it since it could not fit in the Overhead compartments.
Boarding was quick and we were finished boarding. Unfortunately for me, the Window was misaligned a bit forward near the seat in front of me, which made filming a pain the whole flight. I actually had to lean forward to see out the window.
My Ride to Manchester. I’d love to do this in Infinite Flight when the RJ900 releases

Pushback, Taxi, and Departure
We pushed back on time. Taxiing to the runway took a bit since Runway’s 36L, 36C, and 36R were in use. As we taxied, we passed some C-17’s that were parked across the runway. It made for a nice photo op, so I took a picture of a C-17 with the Charlotte Skyline in the background
A C-17 with the City of Charlotte in the Background
We also taxied passed some Dash 8’s, and CLT is the only place you’ll see Dash 8’s since Piedmont is retiring them this year.
many planes took off and then we took off towards Manchester, NH, where the weather in MHT right now is cloudy with rain.

Cruise, Descent, and Landing
We cruised at FL370. Since our plane had WiFi, I connected my phone, and thought of watching some Monsters Inc. Because Who doesn’t like Monsters Inc?
It actually took three tries to get the movie started lol. It was a very nice flight, smooth for half of the flight to New Hampshire.
Inflight Service started, and I got Water and Biscoff. The FA was also flirting with this guy sitting next to me (Really was obvious), it didn’t bother me if you were wondering.
As we approached New Hampshire, it started to get cloudy, and the clouds looked like foamy water. It was a nice view of the clouds.
The Clouds look like Foamy water
We descended and broke out of the Clouds. as we were landing (And Since I knew the airport well), I noticed our path was away from the usual Runway 35, and instantly saw the highway with tolls and noted that we were landing on Runway 6.
We landed moderately hard, and the thrust reversers kicked in. We taxied off Juliet 1 and proceeded to our Gate.
We docked at Gate 8 and we deplaned quickly. It was a great flight.
View of our plane at Gate 8 from Gate 9


After the flight, I roamed around the airport a bit, checking out the empty gates. I called Uber once I exited the terminal and went home. I then took a VERY LONG nap (more like sleep) and ate dinner once I woke up around 9pm, and went back to bed at 10pm.
Both flights were amazing, I really enjoyed the In Flight Entertainment the A321S had. I would fly American Again, and soon, I will possibly join Piedmont as a Ramp Agent once I get my Drivers License.

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope you have an awesome day!


First, I suggest making Your instagram account public.
Second, You did a really great job on the flight report!! Thread organized neatly, was engaged throughout the whole time reading.
Last but not least, I’m glad You enjoyed Your flights!

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Thank you for your feedback! The issue was I was getting spammed by people and bots I don’t know, which is why I decided to make my account private.

It’s nice to know you were engaged in the thread :). Again, thanks for your feedback!

Ah, roger that. I followed You a few minutes ago, don’t be alarmed :p

No problem, I’ll be glad to provide more if I see more flight reports in the future :D

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Was the ground traffic at Charlotte light? Usually when I fly there, it is always a disaster.

It was busy. There was a Queue waiting to cross Runway 36C.
A trip report is currently being made. Expect it by the end of friday

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I thought you travelled to the UK😂😂

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